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Hi folks,

Support for Matters of Faith has been astounding and we want to thank those of you who made this product possible in the best way we can – with extra setting material.

In our previous update we said we’d be upgrading every backer to the Collectors Edition. Well now we’re upping the page count of that exclusive volume! In addition to the Armor of the Gods chapter, we’re adding in an appendix of new material, giving you an extra SIXTEEN pages in total. You now get a 160 page book!

As previously mentioned, if you’re already a backer you don’t need to do anything – you’re automatically upgraded! The same applies if you become a new backer – just pick your pledge level and we’ll automatically upgrade you to the 160 page Collectors Edition at no extra charge.

Because this is an exclusive, demand has been high, and we don’t want you to miss out, we’ve also increased the number of hardcover copies a second time.

The upgraded page count is not a stretch goal. After the Kickstarter ends, only the standard 144-page edition will be available for purchase. The Armor of the Gods chapter will be available as a separate PDF from our webstore, but the appendix will not – that’s exclusive to backers.

Take me to the Kickstarter page!

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