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The nature game with rules that change like the weather!

Announcing Nature Fluxx

The nature game with rules that change like the weather!

College Park, MD - August 28, 2015 In the wild, you have to adapt to survive. Grown from the seeds of EcoFluxx, Nature Fluxx is ready to take root in the game libraries of gamers all over the world. Full of rules that are constantly changing, Nature Fluxx has players constantly adapting and evolving - just like in nature!

"Nature Fluxx is a new version of our older game EcoFluxx," stated Kristin Looney, CEO of Looney Labs. "Though it's evolved a little, as things in nature tend to do, it still maintains all the natural elements that made EcoFluxx so special. And, just like EcoFluxx, 5% of the proceeds are donated to environmental groups."

All the cards and gameplay of EcoFluxx have been preserved in Nature Fluxx. The card frame and package art, however, has been updated in a beautiful way. Nature Fluxx is all about adapting the rules to ensure your success. Because with Nature Fluxx, change really is the nature of the game! Nature Fluxx will be in stores on November 6, 2015, with an MSRP of $16.



Nature Fluxx is the next evolution of EcoFluxx. It maintains the same cards and gameplay, but updates the card frame art and packaging. Full of plants and elements and things that-eat-other-things, Nature Fluxx will remind and teach everyone about the wonders of nature (all while playing an all-natural game of Fluxx)!


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