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This is the version of FLUXX that LooneyLabs supporters have been waiting for. FIREFLY fans have been, and still are, campaigning for the television series to return, but alas they are almost certainly campaigning in a hope that has very little chance of success. So without the
TV show FIREFLY fans are taking everything they can get, Tee Shirts, RPGs, Boardgames, in fact anything even remotely connected to their favourite show - you can even get a Serenity keyring for under £2.00 inc postage from China. So Firefly will live on for some time.

LOONEYLABS bravely set out to go where no man had gone before, oops! wrong show, start again. LooneyLabs went to the mighty 20th Century Fox Organisation and thankfully managed to get the license to use the TV Show's name, the character's names and the ships names, but unfortunately they couldn't get the licenses to use the likenesses of the actors who took on the roles that will be forever our favourites.

Therefore they did the next best thing and created illustrations of as legally near to the actors as they appeared as the show's characters, and to be fair they have done a remarkably good job.Just one look will tell you that it isn't Nathan Fillian gazing back at you from the front of
the FIREFLY FLUXX box but it is immediately recognisable as Captain MAL REYNOLDS, so job done.

Because Firefly was a dirty n gritty show and the characters were often tired and worn, the Firefly Fluxx cards have been designed to look dirty, gritty, tired and worn instead of the bright white "shiny!!!" cards from most other Fluxx editions. Also the Rules sheet has a sandy gold border over a large black central arena on which the gold text luminates like the treasure Serenity was always aimed towards but never quite reaching. The rules are the general standard Fluxx edition and have not been adjusted for Firefly Fluxx (mainly because the rules are always the same) so I will just add a quickie to the "Frequently Asked Questions" question about having one Keeper of the two needed and another player having the other one. The Answer was to play the "Steal Something" card which is perfectly correct but which has also in this edition been augmented by ther "Plunder" card which allows you to steal Keepers.

FLUXX is one of the best family and gamer card games ever designed and published. It comes in a wild variety of flavours, from favourite TV Shows through to the basic version which is just an abstract collection of objects we are all familiar with. No matter that you aren't a fan of Firefly, and don't like Monty Python, there is always the Family edition or the Eco edition, perhaps even the Stoner edition and many, many more to discover and enjoy.

My suggestion to you is to get yourself down to your nearest game store, or go online if necessary, and buy yourself a copy of FLUXX, particularly FIREFLY FLUXX if you and your family & friends are are Firefly fans. Then don't arrange a games evening or anything that formal, simply wait until there is nothing on TV (your Dad is waiting for the Football to come on, or your Mum's favourite Soap has just ended, for examples and then sit them down at the table, bring out the FLUXX packet put the Basic Rule card face up, shuffle all the other cards and deal out 3 to each person. They needn't worry what the different colours mean or what cards can be played when as the rule states Draw 1 Play 1 and until it changes that's all you need to do. Your family will either think you are crazy and pack you off to the local looney-bin (make sure you take your LooneyLabs card games when you go) or they will roll around laughing. If they do neither then I advise you to take their pulses and dial 999 (or 911 or 112 depending where you are). Do the same with your friends, invite them round to your house or better still arrive at their place with the FLUXX pack nestled secretly in your pocket ready to be sprung on them when the time is right.

FLUXX is a game that can be played anywhere there is a flat surface capable of safely holding a deck of cards and with space for players to sit round and lay out cards of their own (so basically any kitchen table). FLUXX is a word that means constant states of change. It is a word that if it hadn't already existed it could have been devised specifically for this game. 

The gameplay starts out simple, Deal 3 cards to each  player and then Draw a card, Play a card, until the rules change. The players themselves get to change the rules by playing New Rule cards and these can vary the number of cards you can play, the number of cards you can hold and even the winning conditions that have to be met; it is even possible that the game can even defeat itself. Okay maybe the game cannot defeat itself per se but it can end on the turn of a card, literally, or go on for a good few minutes longer because of the way the cards have been played or the deck has been shuffled.

So now it's near time for you to finish reading this page and then gather round the trusty kitchen table with your family and / or friends and set SERENITY on a course with Wash, pair Jayne with his wondrous Orange Hat or band the Browncoats together for a final flight and fight - the GOAL of the game is to enjoy playing with your friends and family and FLUXX FIREFLY only enhances the possibilities of that occurring.

If I was asked to describe FLUXX (any edition) in just one word that word would be CHAOS. However FLUXX isn't a game you can describe in just one word, usually because you are still getting over the gut-busting game you just played and are laughing too much. You can get frustrated with virtually any game because the card you want doesn't turn up quickly enough or at all. In FLUXX it doesn't matter if the card you are waiting for turns up quicly or not because while you have been waiting for it the game Goal has changed and your whole plan of action (yeah right, who plans in Fluxx?) has been upturned.

Adam Levermore has done a grand job on the illustrations and he is also credited with designing the packaging, ensuring that true Browncoats understand what's going on. Andrew Looney has supplied the game mechanic and along with additional help from Gale Force Nine, 20th Century Fox, LooneyLabs have published yet another excellent product for the players and collectors of FLUXX.






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