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If you played Final Fantasy III then you will remember the character, Lightning. She ends up captive in a crystal prison and is believed lost.

In FFIII-2 her sister, Serah is searching for her even though she has seen the crystal prison seemingly evaporate in mid air.

From the future comes Noel. He has a message for Serah from Lightning. He tells her that her sister is in Valhalla but cannot escape. From there the story escalates and meanders pulling at the heart strings as truths and facts emerge. It could have turned out schmaltzy but instead it actually can get to you.

There are lots of battles to fight both major and minor. Some monsters may leave behind a crystal which then gives you one of that monster type on your side that you can call on.

There is a cute heroine (that’s you by the way) and a nasty evil villain, Caius, plus you have the opportunity to rescue Lightning and save the world, what more could a wannabe hero want ?

The graphics and animation are super, the fighting ranges from run-of-the-mill to complex and the story is engaging. In all FF XIII-2 is much more than you may have been expecting, such as oodles of cuteness and fun.





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