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FCB Pinball   Pinball Simulation for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Get ready to engage FC Barcelona’s players in FCB Pinball, an action-packed pinball simulation that features plenty of
special modes and football-themed challenges such as Kick Off, Attack, Football Frenzy, Penalty and Defense plus a variety
of extra scoring opportunities including “super kick jackpots” and “triple kick combos”.

FCB Pinball is powered by Pure Pinball, the definitive series in digital pinball simulation, admired for fun table design,
snappy controls, great graphics and realistic ball movement. Developed by Legendo Entertainment

Reviewing a pinball game isn't easy because the basic mechanic is the same - you propel balls around a specifically
pre-designed track trying to keep them hitting every point scoring light, clanger and dobber by the use of flippers that
form a funnel bottom and centre of the table.

FCB Pinball is powered by Pure Pinball, the definitive digital pinball simulator, praised for fun table table designs,
great controls, sharp graphics and realistic physics for the ball and flippers. FCB Pinball has all of these things.

The app features lots of special modes and footie themed challenges such as penalty, defence, kick off and a variety
of extra scoring potential including super kick jackpot and triple kick combos.

There are numerous ways to increase your score, obviously scoring a goal is the best option, but you can also light up
the word Match.This is all achieved by venturing into different sections of the table, much like a real-life pinball table.

The controls require that you drag a finger across the screen to release the ball, be careful not to tilt the tablet or phone
then finger tap the flippers to activate them left flipper for left and right for right. If your timing is good then you can move
the ball in the best direction for scoring points, just like on a physical pinball table. It's not easy to Messi it up.

There is a tutorial but lets face it, if you need instructions on how to play Pinball you are highly unlikely to be the owner of
such a technical device as an iPhone or tablet. Basically you keep each ball in play for as long as possible as every rebound
and bounce will score you extra points.

Barcelona are one of the top soccer teams in the world and this is another good example of marketing a reasonable product
using a high profile sports club.  The FCB game is available for €2.60 as a download. It can also be found on Facebook.

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