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Dear TAG Fans,

Exploriana is going from strength to strength! We've just unlocked the 6th stretch goal, which is for new screen-printed wooden guide tokens; they replace the previous cardboard punch-board tokens! We're also adding mission awards with this stretch goal. These are given to players who manage to complete their missions in super quick time!

The deluxe edition needs just five more backers to unlock the next deluxe stretch goal, which is a resin cast mini of the poisoned chalice! This token is something you don't want to have at the end of the game as it takes 5 victory points off your score.

If you have not pledged for Exploriana yet please don't miss out on this tense and exciting game!



We have made a very successful return to Kickstarter with Exploriana.

We're proud of announce that Exploriana powered through its funding goal in under 36 hours and five stretch goals have been unlocked in the first week! New stretch goals have been added and there are more to come.

Come join an expedition and see if you can find everlasting glory!

If you are a fan of Rocket Race, Halfling Feast or Cadaver you will LOVE this game!

Don't take our word for it check out gaming supremo RAHDO in his RAHDO Runs Through video series review here:


Late in the 19th century steam has replaced sail and the once distant uncharted lands are within grasp! Faraway countries are brought ever closer to hand and explorers equipped with as many charts and maps as they can carry, set out determined to update them!

Take your place in history! Send your team of explorers out into the world and guide them as they plunge deep into steamy jungles, trek across vast tracts of Savannah and ascend towering peaks, courting danger to discover great wonders!

Facing peril at every turn, your brave explorers will search for fantastic animals, ancient cities, new varieties of orchids and treasures of extreme beauty!

Fame and fortune await the triumphant but many expeditions are foiled by unexpected hazards, some are lost, never to be seen again!

Do you want to know more? Do you want to know more? You'll find the full rules here

We've listened to our reviewers and fans, who have given us excellent feedback, and we've made some substantial changes to the game.

Removed the auction phase. We felt this was too confusing and didn't fit the overall theme, so the auction and item cards were replaced in favor of adding Explorers. 
Addition of Explorers. Each Explorer has a unique ability that aids in the search for Discovery Cards. 
Streamlined, space-saving board with all new artwork. 
Board Size this has reduced the box dimensions and allowed us to add new stunning artwork that really shows off the theme. 
*Addition of Relics. These card tokens (standard retail version) or 3D resin miniatures (deluxe edition) are special, one-off discoveries that give extra Victory Points.

We hope you'll help us get this awesome game funded on 6th November! We'll be revealing more details on this game over the next couple of weeks as we head into our KS campaign!

Exploriana Box Game Layout





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