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Here are just some of the new features it will include:
- Immerse yourself in the ruthless universe of Exodus: explore the new core action selection mechanism which features immediate reactions, making every turn your turn!
- Choose from among the 6 iconic Exodus factions: customize your faction abilities from turn one by choosing from a pool of your faction’s leaders and home planets!
- Build up and upgrade your fleet: marvel at new ship sculpts for each type of ships, including a completely new and massive capital ship!
- Modular map catered to the number of players around the table: explore hidden sectors, each of them featuring between 1 and 4 planets.
- Claim more planets, each with a resource cache or with a special ability that will offer you a boon as long as you keep the planet under your control.
- Fight vicious space battles against human opponents and a relentless Centauri enemy and see the hostile aliens re-emerge every time you loosen your grip on a once-claimed sector.
- Carry your population to outer planets to conquer new territory: for the first time in Exodus history fight furious battles on the ground, as well as in space!
- Develop technologies using the iconic Exodus tech tree system: explore new possibilities, including upgrades to your ground troops.
- Engage in fast and furious combat and build weapons of mass destruction: take full advantage of a new system using dozens of upgrades and special custom dice.
- Change the rules of the game using a versatile political system: make use of new political bonuses reserved for those who are active as political leaders of their factions.
- Play against living opponents and fight the Centaurians: change the game with variable scenarios and solitaire play.
- Return to a well-established science fiction universe rich with lore and enjoy new lavish art, high-quality miniatures, flight bases for all the ships in the game, and much more!
Stay tuned! Soon we will share with you more information about what you will find inside the box and what stretch goals we prepared :) 
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