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ExoCorps is a first person all-action combative game in the manner of Fortnite and the many other online games that preceeded it. 
Developed and Published by Gingerbread it is a massive Deathmatch that can be played both on and off line, either can include the use of artificially intelligent Bots.

The action takes place on Earth, the Moon or Mars, but wherever you are it's one heck of a challenge. I, personally, am not very good with these type of games, my 7 year old grandson wipes the floor with me on Fortnite, for example, and I haven't managed to successfully complete the tutorial missions without dying.




Three Game Modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag
Five Battle Arenas
Bot AI to play against
Online play (with or without bots)
Offline Play (with or without bots)
Player Customization (armor skins, with many more options to come)
Screenshot Mode
Official Dedicated servers
Player hosted servers
Peer-to-Peer hosting (on most networks)
LAN hosting


The planet surfaces are so well textured and realistic that at times you feel like you could lean forward and pick up the dust or sand.

It's the year 2040, so only 20 years from now, and jet-packs are an accepted means of travel (according to recent news reports we are already not far from this being a possibility). Let the steam store website tell you about the game:

In the year 2040, an international team has come together to create a new brand of conflict doctrine for the future. Virtual and live-fire exercises, hardware trials and tactics evaluations are held in top secret installations around the globe and beyond. As esoteric and dangerous technologies are combined by top engineering and scientific minds, applicants are recruited from peacekeeping services around the world in order to train, test and define a new paradigm of warfare. If you want to work with the best, and want to play a part in defining the future, you too can apply to be a part of the first pan-human enforcement branch; the ExoCorps.

Gameplay is tuned towards a hide-and-seek experience, with intense firefights where players are countering each other by switching weapons and tactics on the fly. Your primary weapon is the Multirifle, one gun with six firing modes. In addition, your Exo-Armor can launch swarms of missiles at your enemy once you achieve lock. Use missiles to drive your opponent out of the sky. Use your Autocannon to bombard them on the ground. Use your Minigun to spray them at close range, or your Laser or Railgun to snipe them at a distance. Use your Plasma Rifle for the highest damage-per-second (if you're feeling accurate). Counter Missile Swarms by launching Flares, keep your Heat low to avoid enemy lock-on, use your Jammer to further avoid detection.


It is the use of jet-packs that makes this game unique in comparison with the other games. You can fly up to the top of mountains (I found judging my landing fairly difficult to begin with, I kept misjudging the ground and began floating down until I could press 'Q' to restart the jetpack and get me back up to the top again.

Jetpacks allow for aerial dogfights, swoop and fire tactics and 

There is  an amazing 6 - weapon Multi-Rifle with a fantastic array of super-powered weapons, from Mini-Gun, Dart Launcher and Laser to Plasma rifle, Railgun, and Autocannon and; possibly the most powerful gun ever found in any game.


With your amazing exsuit you have the ability to launch guided missiles, fire flares to deflect enemy missiles and go into stealth and avoid modes. You have a Recon Pulse that detects enemies but uses an awful amount of your power - you really have to keep an eye on your power level as it is tied to almost everything you can do.

The mini-screen on your multi-rifle indicates which mode you have chosen, selected quickly by using the mouse wheel.


One of the problems I have with games of this genre is that so much time has been put into creating the wondrous environments with fully detailed, though often sparse, hills, rock, mountains, down to pebbles and minute specks of sand. The problem with this is that you barely get the time to take in all of it because the speed of the game is incredible.


So although it's not a game I am good at, it is an incredibly motivated action/shooter with objectives as well as human and non-human (Bots) opposition, that are equally as good, if not better, than you are. There is no real character creation so at the beginning you just jump in and get going.


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