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Greetings Critters,

We're about to enter the last 48 hours of the campaign, and we're just shy of 10,000 backers! We can't believe it — thanks so much to all of you for showing us such tremendous support. We're looking forward to what the final days bring!

We also have our final 2 reveals for the campaign. I hope you've all enjoyed following along with the reveals! Here are the last 2 Discovery cards, including Big Critter Corliander!


Let's cover Bellsong City first, a Ridge Discovery card. Bummed you weren't able to build more of a certain card type? Bellsong City will boost the value of the ones you did build, plus an additional 3 points on its own. Pretty great for endgame scoring!

You'll encounter Corliander the Peacock in the Peaks! Corliander can be used like a regular worker to claim Events, but he can do it by fulfilling only half the requirements! This applies to every aspect of the Event requirements, whether it be cards, resources, points, etc. For example:


When trying to achieve the Flying Doctor Service Special Event, when using Corliander to claim it, you can do so even if you only have the Doctor or the Postal Pigeon in your city. You don't need both! You still get the full reward of the Event when achieving them this way. Pretty awesome, right? 

In case you missed it, we did a live unboxing of Spirecrest yesterday (sans  Corliander). You can watch it on Facebook by clicking here.

Want to help us have a strong finish to the campaign? Here are some places you can share the it:

Thank you all, again, for helping us bring the world of Everdell to life.

— Brenna & the Starling Games team

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