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Updated software for the Download edition of our new FSX Eurofighter was recently released and the Boxed edition, complete with all the latest enhancements and updates, is now on sale.


Boxed edition

£24.99 / €30.95 / $37.99
(free p&p to UK addresses)

Download also available

This Eurofighter collection includes the single-seat variant in thirteen liveries and the highly detailed model comes complete with six ordnance load-outs and accurate external animations. The fully functional virtual cockpit features an impressive Head-Up Display and accurate multi-function displays with a variety of pages for navigation, aircraft systems monitoring, interactive checklists and more.

Thirteen high definition liveries: RAF (3), Luftwaffe (2), Italian Air Force (3), Austrian Air Force, Spanish Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Force and two factory paint schemes

Accurate MFDs provide a functional forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) screen, interactive clickable checklists and pages for monitoring engines, hydraulics, fuel systems, HSI/HUD navigation information, autopilot and more

Accurate flight dynamics and a custom sound set from Turbine Sound Studios

Fully animated elevators and flaperons, working engine nozzle vanes and realistic afterburner/reheat effects

Six accurate weapon load-outs, selectable from the MFD

Retractable refuelling probe and animated braking parachute and tail hook

See the Just Flight website for screenshots and full details!



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