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Several years ago, when I joined the RPG business as an editor, I used to think my greatest magical power was coming up with ideas in my head that we could send to a brilliant artist like Wayne Reynolds, only to have gorgeous illustrations manifest in my hand a few weeks later, looking far better than I had ever imagined. Now that I am a publisher, my powers have increased considerably, and I am now able to manifest 3D representations of the creatures in my head and in our books in the form of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures.

It's like magic, and if I squint real hard and ignore the substantial contributions of Paizo's freelance writers, staff developers and editors, art staff, and brilliant freelance artists, I like to imagine it's my not-so-secret mutant power.

And now, I am ready to share the fruits of my mutant power with all of you!

The new Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures set, The Lost Coast, is about to ship to subscribers and preorder customers, with an official release date of November 19! This time around, the theme is the creatures and denizens of Varisia's Lost Coast, which is another way of saying "this set is filled to the gills with straight-up fantasy."

You can check out an amazing gallery of images from The Lost Coast set on the fantastic fan-created archive at for a complete look at the figures in this set. With boggards, cultists, townsfolk, giants, dragons, and more, there's a little something for everybody in this set.

The mighty Shemhazian Demon is The Lost Coast's limited edition Gargantuan case-incentive figure. Fear his creepy spider appendages and terrible claws!

Don't miss the Large Green Dragon, one of our finest lizards to date!

The Lost Coast contains a bunch of villains from Dynamite's Pathfinder Comics, including an entire cult of Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters!

There's also a new deal for subscribers you'll want to strongly consider if you're interested in collecting the whole set. Ongoing case subscribers now receive the following benefits as part of their subscription:

Hop over to the Pathfinder Battles Ongoing Subscription page for more details, and be sure to set up your preorder or subscription before November 19 to make sure that you get your The Lost Coast order as soon as possible!

This is my favorite set in more than a year, with tons of VERY playable minis useful for a wide variety of campaigns. WizKids keeps getting better and better with their production, and I'm thrilled with where the Pathfinder Battles line is going.

Join us on our adventure by setting up an ongoing case subscription or preorder today!


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