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When I clicked on the game to start my PC, running Windows 10, decided that it was a serious threat and required me to manually accept responsibility

EPSILON is an SSG (Strategy Stealth Game) in which you control a unit of four well equipped enforcers - well as well-equipped as you choose to make them as you get to give them their Primary and Secondary weapons, and later on when the game is completed you also get to set them up with Tactical equipment and Armour. As just stated, the game is still under construction and thus apart from the comic-book page style intro I hadn't any substantial information or back story about it. 

Having not seen anything about the game before I started playing, the comic-book intro wasn't expected; but in fact, as it turned out, the illustrations are an excellent prequel to the action about to be embarked on. The animation in game is excellent, the movement fluid and the action intelligent, the A.I. is so good that even the bad guys don't just wait to be killed, and they are sneaky and very fast, like bulldogs.

Played in Missions, you control your team and direct them to the required goals, point by point. Your unit is Alpha (you) Beta, Charlie and Delta, three men and a super tough lady. Equipping them is very easy. You first select the trooper from the four on the left side of the screen and he or she will appear on the right full size. Alongside them is an equipment box that has Primary, Secondary, Tactical and Armoury as headers with a selection under each. At present only the Primary and Secondary headers are available. Under these are the following possibilities:
FAL DMR (a Marksman Rifle which is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and is capable of taking 20 round clips)

FAL OSW/ (known as SA-58 in early footage and game files, it is an Assault Rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty Online).

RG 18C  
There is also a choice of Suppressed or Red Dot Fire for each

G18 Pistol

G19 Pistol



There is also a choice of Suppressed or Extended Mag for each

Tactical and Armoury are future enhancements.

There are a lot of action adventure games similar to Epsilon but this is up there with the best of them, graphically, artistically and in game play. If you do not complete the mission there is no doubting it, the game isn't shy about letting you know it. But the upside is that you can replay it and hopefully do better the next time, or the time after or the time after or, well you get the picture.

The sneaking around, especially when creeping up behind an adversary, isn't as easy as it is in many of those "similar" games. If you aren't careful when you move in sneak mode you will tip the mark that you are coming and you will be killed; for game design reasons the perps are stronger and quicker that you or your unit. Of course if your characters dies then your team loses, which is a shame as it would be much more fun if you could "jump" into the next guys body and continue a man short. So far it's still a lot of fun plus it's very strategic and skillful.

When I get the update and some more info I will update this page

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