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First and foremost this is NOT a Games Gazette Online review of the game, that will be forthcoming.
Instead this is just a repeat of what is on the GMT website as a reminder that the sixth expansion for the superb Command & Colours Napoleonics is available, plus a short note on the additional maps and map boards available.


La Grande Battles

Normally a La Grande Battle game is best played with eight players. Four players will take command on each side. One player, on each side, will again assume the role of the CIC. The other three players will each take on the role of a Corps field commander. Each Corps field commander will command two sections (2 left or 2 center or 2 right) of the six sections that make up the La Grande Battles battlefield. In a La Grande Battles game, each CIC has a hand of Command cards and on a turn must give one card from his hand to one of his Corps commanders. Also on the turn, the CIC must select one card from the Courier rack and give it to one of his Corps commanders. Command cards must be given to the proper Corps commander. Section cards, that state left, must be given to the left Corps commander, center section cards to the center Corps commander and right section cards to the right Corps commander. While tactic Command cards (Command cards with text and no section illustration) can be given to any Corps commanders.

In a La Grande Battles game, each Corps field commander also has his own hand of Command cards. During a turn when the Corps commander does not receive a Command card from the CIC, he may choose to play one of his Command cards from his hand. In addition, if the Corps commander does not like the Command card given to him by the CIC, he can discard it and instead play one of the Command cards he has from his hand.

Taking a closer look of how a Corps field commander will play a command card. Command cards that are received from his CIC, will order units across both of the two sections the Corps commander player commands. While a Command card that a Corps commander plays from his hand, has some additional restrictions. Each Corps commander has two sections under his command. When looking at the two sections, one section is on his left and one section is on the right and he does not have a center. A left section Command card played from the Corps commander’s hand is therefore played in his left section and a right section Command card must be played in his right section. A center section card may be played in either his left or right section and a tactic Command card (Command cards with text and no section illustration) will order units across both of the two sections the Corps commander commands.

As for La Grande Battles, it is not the intention of GMT or myself, to require a player to buy multiple copies of the Napoleonic game to play a La Grande Battles scenario. I would truly hope, that two friends, both who own copies of the Napoleonic game and expansions could come together with their games, and set up a La Grande Battles scenario to share in the fun with eight friends.

The focus of this expansion is therefore on EPIC Napoleonics to allow more players to keep enjoying the Commands & Colors Napoleonics game, while the La Grande Battles rules and scenarios are provided for players as an extra-added bonus.

Welcome to some EPIC fun!

Richard Borg


NOTE1: In order to play many of the scenarios in this expansion, the basic game or earlier expansions,, you will need a copy of the Commands & Colors Napoleonic game and the Spanish, Russian, Austrian and Prussian expansions.
NOTE2: You can, for a limited time only, order extra mounted boards for your Epics Ancients; GMT have only a small amount of stock currently available at $20, or it may be possible to request the additional boards when you order via P500 for just $14.
NOTE3: There may also be available extra light card, non-mounted, map packs for LA GRANDE BATTLES. These open out to be 1/4 larger than the additional pack of mounted boards. I say "may be available" because I received them with in non-stickered large zip-loc bags.  I have looked online for a price or availability of both the mounted and non-mounted additional maps and cannot find anyone selling them, other than the mention on the GMT website as related in NOTE2 above. If I receive any future instruction on these I shall post it here or on the GGO News section.

Standard Size Scenarios

Austerlitz (Sokolintz & Teinitz) - 2 December 1805

Austerlitz (10AM Davout Attack) - 2 December 1805

Austerlitz (Soult's Center Assault) - 2 December 1805

Austerlitz (Lannes & Murat) - 2 December 1805

Austerlitz (Russian Guard Attack) - 2 December 1805

Austerlitz (Soult's Attack South) - 2 December 1805

EPIC Battle Scenarios

Austerlitz - 2 December 1805

Vimero - 21 August 1808

Eggmühl - 22 April 1809

Aspern-Essling - 21 May 1809

Raab - 14 June 1809

Talavera - 28 July 1809

Bussaco - 27 September 1810

Salamanca - 22 July 1812

Sorauren - 28 July 1813

Möckern - 16 October 1813

Orthez - 27 February 1814

Laon - 9 March 1814

La Grande Battle Scenarios

Austerlitz  - 2 December 1805

Vimero - 21 August 1808    

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