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Amplitude Studios announces yet another free add-on for Endless Space

Disharmony add-on 'The Search for Auriga' will be available November 2013

Haarlem,  the Netherlands - 18 October 2013 - Having already released four free add-ons for their highly praised 4x space strategy game Endless Space,  award-winning developer Amplitude Studios today announces that it is currently developing a fifth free add-on, for the Endless Space: Disharmony expansion pack. Since its debut, Amplitude Studios has become known for creating free DLC for its community, bringing new storylines to the Endless Space universe. The new Disharmony free add-on is titled  “The Search for Auriga” and will be releasing in November 2013 on Steam.

 “The Search for Auriga” will include new heroes, a special wonder, a unique planet, in addition to new features such as Rally Points as well as AI and balancing improvements. More details will be unveiled very soon.

To make the announcement of ‘The Search for Auriga’ an event, Endless Space Emperor Edition, Endless Space Gold and Endless Space Disharmony have a -75% promotion on Steam that will end Saturday, 19th of October.

The Disharmony expansion pack was made available earlier this year on Steam and published by Iceberg Interactive in European retail stores and various other digital platforms. For more information about Endless Space, Disharmony expansion pack and all free DLC, please visit the official website:

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