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Haarlem, The Netherlands – 14 November 2013 – French developer Amplitude Studios extends their already impressive support for acclaimed 4X space strategy hit Endless Space (PC/Mac) as they release their 5th free add-on, today. On the back of winning the Golden Cube and Community Choice awards at the Unity Awards 2013, Amplitude are showing that development of Endless Space is still very much on-going, by delivering a host of new content, while confirming that 2 further titles in the ‘Endless universe’ are also in full development.

The new add-on, titled “Search for Auriga” adds some new flavour to the original game, with new heroes, a new wonder and a new unique planet: Auriga. In addition, players will notice the AI improvements (military and diplomatic), as well as the implementation of rally points, per community request and much, much more. The free add-on will become available for all players in possession of the Endless Space: Disharmony expansion pack and occurs as an automatic Steam update later today.

For more information about Endless Space, the Disharmony expansion pack and all of its free DLC, please visit Amplitude’s official website or the Endless Space Steam pages &

Background Story for ‘The Search for Auriga’:
"Generations ago, Nadjne Zolya made room for Opbot in an overcrowded ship leaving a dying planet. Though Opbot was a skilled medical operative, he had accepted that the humanoids would save themselves first and leave him to decay as magneto-gravitational cataclysms made the planet of Auriga unlivable. Surprised by their offer, Opbot repayed the Zolya can for decades, then centuries, as their restless, homeless clans moved from planet to planet, system to system, and battle to battle.

Driven from their simple tundra world by a fleet of pirates, they once again took up the life of homeless marauders. It was then that Opbot had the idea to rediscover Auriga; an idea that quickly blossomed in to an all-consuming passion. But memories are faulty, galaxies move, and records are often missing or poorly kept; it turned out to be far more complex than he thought.

It was hundreds of years later that he was sure enough of his findings to present them to a very hesitant Tulela. But Opbot told her of what he remembered: Endless warrens of laboratories, storehouses of knowledge, ruins and artifacts scattered across the landscape like pebbles on a beach. In the end, Tulela agreed to seek that lost and fabled planet.

As their tiny fleet arrives, other civilizations that have tracked them or searched themselves for the planet begin to appear; the name of Auriga is famed across the settled galaxy. Auriga will once again become a focus of war and strife, for whatever faction can find, and hold, this precious world will have access to the greatest scientific wisdom of the galaxy."

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