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Endless Legend (PC) starts to reveal its secrets with Faction announcements

Brand new Trailer and Artpack released for 'The Vaulters'

Haarlem, The Netherlands, February 26th, 2014 - From the creators of the awarded 4x space strategy hit Endless Space (2012), Endless Legend (PC), a 4x fantasy strategy game is currently under development by Amplitude Studios and to be published by Iceberg Interactive.  Endless Legend offers a brand new twist to the "Endless" lore, with a focus on a single planet and the fantastic factions that populate it: Auriga, a world entering a new era recovering from an epic cataclysm.

In a series of upcoming faction introductions, Amplitude Studios starts off today with ‘The Vaulters’. The Vaulters’ are the most sci-fi like faction of Endless Legend. They have been a part of Amplitude’s other games, Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless, and will now also star in Endless Legend.

About The Vaulters
It is a time of change for the Vaulters

For countless generations they lived as loosely-federated clans in the vast underground labyrinths that riddle Auriga. Their skills in mining and crafting made them comfortable, and their study of ancient artefacts slowly unlocked the secrets of their world's past. Though their origins were lost in legends and myth, they had found peace and prosperity in the deep places of the planet.

Suddenly, now, the Vaulters have been forced to abandon those ancient halls. The Great Quake broke walls and ruined roads and bridges; as their towns crumbled around them they fled to the surface. Some turn for answers to the priests in the Church of the Great Orrery, others look to their leader, Szabad Ilona, First of the Bloodline. For a people deeply bound by tradition and unused to change, the surface of Auriga is a frightening place.

Torn between the secrets of the planet, their own traditions, and their need to survive, the Vaulters may struggle. But they will not fade, or surrender.”

Endless Legend is set for a Steam Early Access release early Q2, 2014. Visit the official Amplitude website to stay tuned to all the latest news

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