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New Endless Fury Trailer – Heroic Battles Await
Publisher NGames shows off the action-packed MMORPG with a frenetic new trailer

The Endless Fury trailer can be seen here: 

NGames has today unleashed a new, action-packed trailer for free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG, Endless Fury.

Available now on the burgeoning games portal, Endless Fury is a breathtaking side-scrolling arcade-style action MMORPG that gives players the freedom to design and unleash their very own devastating combos. Players take on the role of a proud young warrior fighting a shady secret organization trying to overthrow justice. On their journey of self discovery through Endless Fury's world of many layers, players will encounter a plethora of bizarre monsters, face-off against epic bosses, tackle unique quests and enjoy a variety of fun, fast-paced PVP features.

Battles against evil forces can take place anywhere, any time in the chaotic world of Endless Fury, where an immersive free-flowing battle experience is brought to life though dazzling arcade style animation, vivid characters and skill-based combat.

A choice of weapons and skills to craft and collect, from sharp katar blades to magical gloves and mysterious Kung Fu moves, allows for total control over a character's moves and personality – whether journeying through action-packed quests or creating unique combinations to unleash in across various PVP modes.

Will your ultimate combo land 10 hits? 30 hits? Over 100??

Endless Fury is a new action-packed MMO currently in closed beta on the portal.

Interested gamers can join the adventure and customise their own warriors by playing for free at the official site:


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