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Elsword: successful Anime MMO to hit UK shores

Karlsruhe, 12.07.2013 – The popular Anime MMO Elsword launches in the UK on the 17th July. It is a unique mixture of 2D side-scrolling action and role-playing in an Anime style. With cool combos, players fight their way through an exciting world full of action, magic and adventure – on their own or in a team with their friends. Elsword first appeared at the end of 2010 and is growing ever more popular amongst European gamers, already available in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish and now English.

Since its launch, Elsword has been expanded in size through numerous updates, all of which have been integrated into the UK version for the launch on the 17th July.

   Mean monsters – fast action – cool combos

Elsword is set in a world that draws its energy from the mythical Eldrit Stone. One day, this stone fractured and the shards were spread out in all directions. It’s now the task of the players to reunite these shards and to then ensure the survival of the world of Elsword.

To accomplish this task, the players must fight their way through diverse worlds full of mean monsters and other dangers. Gameplay is fast and action-focused. The heroes of Elsword have numerous skills and combos at their disposal with which they can take down their opponents in best beat’em up fashion.

PvP fans will get their money’s worth in specially made arenas, where they can measure their skills against and alongside other Elsword players.

A compatible hero for every gamer

There are six characters available for your adventure, each with different skills: the namesake Elsword is an excellent swordsman, Rena the elf is an accurate archer and Aisha relies on the power of magic. Sinister Raven attacks with a mechanical hand, whereas Eve trusts in her floating modules and Chung puts the fear of God into enemies with his massive gun.

With increasing experience, the characters can specialise via class changes and then learn additional and also powerful skills. Thanks to the huge range of outfits and accessories, it is also possible to create your character according to your own taste – enabling you to beat up the bad guys with style

In the coming months regular expansions will be provided for Elsword: for example, the characters Rena, Aisha, Raven, Chung and Eve will be recipients of additional class change options.


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