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Just by looking at the box cover art you can see that this game is going to have at least an element of Steampunk and possibly an amount of confusion about it. The components are splendid; heavy or strong card, plastic or wooden, with a few metal screws to hold the Hour Hand and the Information Cogs to the board and allow them to be turned.

It seems that in the 11th year of each Millenium Fenrir, son of Loki, is allowed to try to destroy the Earth through Ragnarok. Naturally the forces of good are allowed to try and stop him. In this game the Forces of Good is the music of Swedish Heavy Metal Band THERION, though sadly the game doesn’t include a CD of their music.

Loki bides his time and waits until the fifth turn (of this 11 turn game) to select which player shall be his vessel of destruction. The turns are marked off as Hours on the clock face - hence the moving Hour Hand component. The other players are all striving to gather 15 pages of music, the piece in question is the sacred “Song of Making” and it must be played on the Inscrutable Organ of Eternity by The Special One  There are eight individual characters searching Turin to locate both the Special One and the Organ and each of these has a power or ability.

The players DO NOT take on the role of one of these characters, although they are dealt one each at the start of the game. One other is set aside (unseen) and any then remaining form a hidden mini deck that can be viewed by the players by spending clues.

The game board is a map of Turin showing various places of interest including Monorail stations, Smokey Train stations and Airship Bases. Characters can be moved on these using the special rules designated and determined by the use of the machine cogs that are supplied to be screwed onto the board.

The Inscrutable Organ of Eternity lies hidden in the city and is only discovered by the North, East, South and West placing of location tiles (which are not specifically mentioned in the rules) found in the Research Tile stack.

011 is an updated version of Clue (or Cluedo) given a Steampunk look and an Ancient Norse God background. You discover the Special One by means of elimination - looking at cards and making notes. The actual position of the Organ is not pinpointed just the area it is in.

The first player to move the Special ne into the correct area can declare themselves the winner. Loki wins if the chosen player has 2 wolf marks on owned tiles, 12 music sheets (marked on a track on the board) and has denounced the Special One.

Apart from the story and the chrome the main way 011 differs from CLUE or any other hide-and-seek style of game is that the players each begin the game with 45 minutes of time, marked on a time track. Each Action they take during play costs them time (marked off as used). If a player runs out of time then their game is over.

There are ways to regain some time, possibly too many ways as we are never under pressure as far as time goes - maybe we need to play it with less time, say 30 minutes each, for more intensity.

3-6 players aged 10+ 60-90 minutes to play.


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