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Triple Ace Games Ltd

Trowbridge, UK

Triple Ace Games is a publishing company based in the UK. Their critically acclaimed roleplaying games include Hellfrost, All For One: Regime Diabolique, Necropolis 2350, Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Gothic Horror, and Leagues of Cthulhu, as well as the Rocket Race, Cadaver, Imps!, and Halfling Feast card games.

The company was started in 2008 by Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wade-Williams and Robin Elliott. With over 250 products already published, and TWENTY NINE successful Kickstarter projects, they have an enviable track record of high quality products!

We're live on kickstarter with our latest project for Egyptian Dice!

In these difficult times we need all the support we can get so please come grab a set of dice. We have an early bird pledge level meaning you can pick up a set for just £10 (normally £12).

We'll to see you there!


We continue to hone our manufacturing quality and having successfully released our Viking dice last year we are proud to bring the next set to the masses!

We have already created our designs and taken them to our manufacturer, who has created the master moulds. All of the dice pictures you see here are sample dice made from those moulds. This has allowed us to test the shapes and sizing, enabling us to show you exactly what the dice will be like when you receive them. 

With us taking these steps, we are confident in our delivery schedule and quality control - these dice look awesome and roll beautifully!

EGYPTIAN DICE: Pledge £10.00 (early bird price) £12.00 (regular price) for 7 Dice

PHARAOH DICE: Pledge £15.00  for 10 Dice

Above is a complete map of the dice designs so you can see what every face of the dice depicts in the set!

Pencil and Dice Case to keep all your RPG accessories tidy.

The Egyptian Dice Tray

Fabric Eye of Horus Dice Bag

Anubis Canopic Jar Dice Box: The Anubis Canopic Jar dice box is designed to hold one full set of Egyptian Dice. 

Scarab Dice Box: The Scarab Dice box is designed to hold two sets of Egyptian Dice.

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