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All-New World vs. World Experience & Living World Content in Guild Wars® 2 ‘Edge of the Mists’

Latest release enhances massive PvP battles with new map and game play, delivers shocking revelation in villain Scarlet Briar’s plan for Tyria

NCSOFT™ and ArenaNet™, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, today introduces players to a mysterious new realm in the ‘Edge of the Mists’. The release delivers living world content that drives forward the story of villain Scarlet Briar, exposing more of her horrific plans for Tyria and its citizens. At the same time, ‘Edge of the Mists’ introduces an overflow map with new gameplay systems and improvements to the overall experience for World vs. World (WvW), the game’s massive battle PvP mode that continues to surge in popularity.

For more information and to download the assets, please follow these links:

‘Edge of the Mists’ YouTube video: 

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