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Beastly playful: Easter with the Pegasus

The family game highlights of Pegasus Games for Easter - To each his own


Friedberg, 04/02/2015: eggs, candy and gifts for loved ones. And all this even hide! The Easter Bunny has her paws full of work. Fortunately, he befriended the animal world has connected - represented in the family playing games Pegasus. With the help of mice, monkeys, camels, Panda and a mighty dragon thus a successful Easter is nothing in the way.

The mice have discovered a kitchen full of goodies. But the domestic cat suspicious and makes his way to ambush the small rodents. In Mmm! Come in 20 minutes two to four mice from five years cooperatively against the Tigers at home. Whether they can bellies full beat it? - RRP € 19.95

The purest circus stage, however, the monkeys: To elect a king among themselves, they compete against each other - in coconut target throwing. With monkeys catapults and a lot of fun is what Crazy Coconuts for two to four litter acrobats five years or fifteen minutes ago high. But a game it never stays. - RRP € 24.95

Just want to nibble bamboo, however, the little panda. But for the gardener must first cultivate the magnificent bamboo garden of the Japanese emperor. In Takenoko two to four players aged eight and provide not only a family-friendly rivalry in 45 minutes. Thanks loving characters and colorful wooden bamboo there is the possibility to see all sorts. - RRP € 34.95

And the camels? The galloping across the desert, around the cube pyramid, while the spectators bet on them. This is not too easy to jump on each other again and again and set yourself ahead and back each other. In the "Game of the Year" 2014 Camel put up two to eight players eight years on this 20-minute Below and Above the crazy Artiodactyla. - RRP € 24.95

The dragon in turn has a problem: Three daring Dwarfs set out to capture him. However, with fire and sharp claws he knows how to defend themselves. Have the dwarves still have a chance? In the duel in the rocky valley can figure it out in just 30 minutes, two players eight years. - RRP € 19.95

From fiery adventure to Potty foraging family games of Pegasus offer the best entertainment for all tastes. With so much support animal also MeisterLampe can relax: Easter can occur.

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