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               MAYDAY GAMES: Max Holliday

EATEN by ZOMBIES, the original version, is for 2-4 players and the box contains the characters Bob, June, Mary
and Barney, 4 sets of 12 starter cards (one set for each character) and numerous Zombie and Swag cards. The box is
created to allow the cards to all be put away compartmentally. There are divider cards that are a little larger than the
regular playing cards to make it fast and easy to find cards for setting up the game.

The box is the regular collectible card style in size and shape, and has foam inserts that can be removed as expansion
sets are added. The box has a regular base - all sides regulatory - whereas the lid has a wedge shape; I am not entirely
sure why but it makes it unique and I'm all for different for the sake of it or for necessity.


The players starter cards are of three specific types, these are Hide (5) Fight (5) and Draw (2). Each card has one or
more icons (shapes) on it which define what the card's abilities are; these same abilities are written in text in the
bottom section of the card. The cards are made up mainly of artwork which in itself is pretty descriptive as well as
a title, for example, Hide, Heavy Stick, Rifle etc.. The icons abilities and values are clearly defined in the booklet
as are the rules, examples and game objectivity.


The game is all about surviving the Zombie horde. To do this you have to Fight or Flee (including Hide) when the
Undead confront you. It is also a card management game for if you run out of cards you get Eaten by Zombies but
if the Zombie horde expires then all players still alive are potential winners - the actual game winner is the player
who has managed their card use best and thus has the most cards remaining in their Safe House (made up of the
cards in their Hand, Deck and Draw Pile).

Each Zombie card has a Level, indicated by the number in the Blood drop on the top left corner. To determine the
strength of the current horde (ie those attacking a Survivor) is the total; value of all Zombie cards levels - this is the
number you have to beat when fighting (using the cards in your hand). It is possible to lose the fight but still defeat
one or more of the Zombies in the horde. To run away gracefully and manfully (ie Flee for your life) will cost you
in cards - this attrition is marked on the Zombie cards (in a box with an arrow) - and like your Fight value in combat
you Flee value has to be equal to or greater than the total attrition value of all the Zombies you are evading.

You can only Fight / Flee by using cards that have either the Fight or Flee icon on them - the Draw icon is on many
of these cards and can be used in either Flee or Fight mode. Zombies that you kill end up in your discard pile and so
work their way through to your hand - the game uses the now familiar and popular deck build-up mechanic. At times
it is possible for players to remove these Zombie cards from their hands by placing them in the horde attacking other
players - attrition values determine whether placement is possible or not. Winning Fights allows you to look for Swag
enabling you to add more cards to your hand which in turn gives you a better chance of survival.

When characters die in multi-player games they come back into play as Zombies and have specific Zombie actions they
can play from the beginning of their next turn.

Our first games were multi-player and although they were okay there was more of a two-player feel to the game, three
and four players seemed somewhat awkward and cumbersome, but this may be because we usually enjoy card games
as 2-player face to face. Take Magic the Gathering for instance, it is often played multi-player but it is generally best as
a 2-player face to face game; EATEN by ZOMBIES is the same for us.



This is NOT only an expansion, it is a stand-alone 2-player version of the main game that can also be used as one to add players
5 and 6, Dean and Nancy, to the original boxed set.

In Cahoots features 11 brand new swag cards, 2 new starting player decks, and five unique zombies, all on colourful cards with
exceptionally brilliant new artwork, especially the Zombie cards.

Soon to come is an expansion which will include Vehicles. With this in mind the "Greasers Key" cards have a "Key" icon which
will come into effect then. This is also the same for other icons found on these new cards, such as First Aid which will be useful
when Wounds come into play; this is clever fore-thinking by the designer and the publisher.


Apart from the new characters and other cards I don't think there are any differences between the two boxed games. I have to
admit though that it has been a while since we integrated the two boxes together and when playing our favourite 2-player game
we have now the choice from 6 characters instead of 4 or 2, plus we use the rules from IN CAHOOTS as they are all on one
sheet, so no page turning or looking for page numbers that don't exist - in the rules book for the original game there are times
when you are referred to Page N and of course there isn't a Page N as there are no numbers on the pages.


I found the following on the MAYDAY/EBZ website and it shows how the cards were devised and created. Very Cool!



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