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With smartphone and tablet against orcs and trolls

Effective immediately, the interactive A (dventure)-book "The Third Expedition" to Markus Heitz 'The Dwarves "available - published by Pegasus Spiele and Questor


Friedberg, October 06, 2014: Many have epic adventure "The Gnomes" already experienced the bearded heroes from Markus Heitz bestselling novel series. But their axes they far from hanging on the nail. As of now, the next chapter of the dwarves as an interactive A (dventure)-book app is available for iOS and Android. Published by Pegasus Spiele and Questor reading adventure leads the inhabitants of the country recovered into a new dimension.

The A-Book "The Third Expedition" is the first in an exciting trilogy in the world of Tungdil and Co. - and brings it to every reader an individual reading experience. It is over 400 pages and over again to decide how the story should go: If the hero wake the dragons and fight, or rather sneak past? The reader decides and has it in his hand, whether he is celebrated as a hero at the end or ends as dragon fodder. Over 100 illustrations and music and sound effects also make sure that you like never before dives so deep into the Salvaged country.

"The Third Expedition" is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as for Kindle Fire and is suitable for both embarking on a fifth volume of Markus Heitz 'The Dwarves "saga (published 2015) as well as an introduction to the fight against orcs and Albae.

RRP € 3.99

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