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Dragons and Titans is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where the player's characters are a combination of Dragon and Rider. 
Over a long series of varied missions, varied by way of encounter more than game play, your quest is to become the Dragon Lord and free your Titan from captivity.

During the game you will be able to select your mount from a large dragon base, each capable of using a variety of weapons - but note, not every weapon can be used
by every dragon. Each battle earns you experience (of a sort) by upgrading your dragons and forging your weapons for additional power. The game really hots up once
you get into the main PvP element with 5-dragon skirmish groups opposing each other in epic battles to free their Titan. Battles are fought across 3 different arenas, but
there is also the opportunity to expand the Adventure Mode unlocking Dragons as you complete each mini quest (ie a pre-set number of missions). The PvP leaderboards
show how well you are doing against other online opposition in your journey to becoming the ultimate Dragon Lord.

Points of interest: (copied from the Dragons & Titans website - no point me just rephrasing it)


While you are flying, fighting and exploring you will find the usual paraphenalia of floating coins, life points and other helpful bits and bobs. It is cool that the  designer has
looked at the weight, especially of gold, and thus you have to portal back to your gold horde to (fly over) dump the collected treasure. To begin with the opposition is fairly
easy to destroy. They fly slower, have weaker attacks and tend to line up rather than spread out for combat. As you get better (more used to the controls) the opposition gets
stronger, is more organised and combat becomes tougher.


The game has all the feeling and look of a FTP (Free To Play) downloadable game but in fact it is purchasable with three different offers on packs. Basic, Premium and Elite.
There aren't many games available that let you control fighting dragons so I would say there is a definite market for DRAGONS & TITANS, especially amongst the younger
gaming age group, say from 11 - 15 year olds. The game is okay, fun at and edgy at times, but I haven't really found much variety in play, even in PvP, plus it isn't addictive
enough to make me want to keep playing, in the way Kandy Krush Saga did for months and months.

The dragons themselves are fantastic. The artwork, animation, detail are all superb - the screenshots from which you select your dragon would make amazing wall posters - ok
I know that is old fashioned as nowadays wall posters are referred to as Desktop Backgrounds and Screenies, but framed and hung they would make a pretty impressive gallery.

BASIC PACK  $14.99

The Basic Starter Pack contains all the necessities you need to start on your quest to become a legendary Dragon Lord.


This Premium Starter Pack will arm you with everything you need to truly make your mark in battle!

ELITE PACK    $49.99

The Elite Starter Pack is a gift from the Titans themselves and blesses you with bountiful items!


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