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Dungeons and Dragons

This is the game that started this all off in the 1970s. It can now be played using more than a few systems from the original D&D to AD&D to online D&D to the latest D20 system paper, figure and map map tabletop games. It is also available in several box sets of which nearly all claim to be the beginner's way to learn, but to be honest the best way to learn is to join in a game with friendly, experienced players.

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS has been the inspiration for every role-play game in one way or another and be they fantasy, which we now call High Fantasy, or Space Opera. Games like World of Warcraft would probably have never existed if D&D hadn't come along and changed the way we play games forever. Out of all games around I would say that only Magic the Gathering has had such an effect on people's lives as D&D.-
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