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- Sliding Gems and Slaying Beasts -


Austin, TX – Independent developer Cube Roots and the devastatingly handsome gents of Devolver Digital have announced the match-three puzzler Dungeon Hearts will launch for $2.99 on PC and Mac via Steam and other digital PC services as well as iPad via the Apple App Store. Dungeon Hearts, the debut outing by Cube Roots, challenges players to combine dozens of different runes along the relentlessly flowing Fatestream and unleash powerful attacks and devastating combos on a colorful cast of foes. Strategy and speed are essential in conquering the Dark One as you build up your heroic team’s abilities and unlock special attacks and magical spells.


"Working on Dungeon Hearts over the last year has been an amazing journey, and I'm thankful to have had opportunities most indies don't get on their first project. As the artist, designer, and programmer on the game I couldn't have found a better publisher than Devolver Digital, who have allowed me to pursue my creative vision,” said Cube Roots founder Chris Pavia. “Also, their skill at making shady backroom deals and leveraging sexual favors to get Dungeon Hearts on Steam has proven to be an invaluable learning experience."


Signed by Devolver Digital during GDC 2012’s “Pitch Fork Parker” initiative, Dungeon Hearts has since evolved and grown as Chris Pavia and his team designed, tested, and implemented new mechanics and features with a steady eye on the overall balance of the game. Through collaboration with Devolver Digital and a supportive circle of indie developers and gamers, the Cube Roots team has fine-tuned Dungeon Hearts to deliver a truly unique experience for puzzle gamers of all types.


“Let me be clear, there were no shady backroom deals or sexual favors exchanged despite what the developer might claim,” said Fork Parker, CFO of Devolver Digital, “All shady deals were out in the open and all sex acts were paid for in full.”


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