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March 20th 2013, Austin, TX – The warlocks of Devolver Digital have partnered with legendary studio 3D Realms and Singapore-based indie developer General Arcade to launch Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on Steam. The explosive collection includes the seminal first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D and three wildly themed expansion packs – Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke It Out in D.C. – each with polished OpenGL visuals, SteamPlay support for PC and Mac, Steam achievements, and Steam Cloud support.

Duke Nukem 3D originally splashed onto the scene in 1996 with groundbreaking gameplay that blended fast-paced action, unparalleled interactivity, and some of the most memorable quips in gaming history.Duke is a one-man wrecking crew wielding everything from shrink rays to pipe bombs as he brings down an alien invasion from the streets of Los Angeles to a lunar space station.

"There is a whole generation of fans that may have heard of Duke Nukem 3D but never actually played it so it's exciting to add a bit of polish to the game and the expansions for the first release on Steam," said Scott Miller, founding partner at 3D Realms. "General Arcade has worked close with our team and hardcore fans across the world to make sure the Megaton Edition lives up to the Duke Nukem legacy.”

Developer General Arcade and publisher Devolver Digital will continue to update Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition with new features including Steamworks-enabled online multiplayer, Linux support, and additional expansion packs in the future.

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is available now on PC and Mac via Steam for $9.99/€9.99/£6.99.

***Watch the trailer here:


DUKE NUKEM 3D on Steam is a fabulous retro game to help lay back, you relieve stress and have fun. If you want great action
that is virtually non-stop and loud and proud then you are playing the right game. If you want quality graphics and state of the art
technology and cannot live without highly polished infinitely designed backgrounds and scenery then stay as far away as you can.

There are four games in this MEGATON EDITION, all of which feature the first person shooter style that we have seen grow up
through various game engines and games, Wolfenstein and Doom being two that immediately come to mind as being similar in play,
style and visual looks to the Duke.

The first game is:
L A MELTDOWN: this is the first Duke Nuken adventure. Duke begins in a LA street where a fire burns in a skip. There is a
closed  cinema at the end of the street. before you can find your way to the ammunition you can see through the open but inaccessible
window you are attacked by a pig (dressed as a cop). You have a gun so it's best to use it or else you will be killed and have to
restart - in fact whenever you are killed you have to restart the level.

Next we have:
LUNAR APOCALYPSE where Duke is on a killing spree across the Moon and various spacecraft. The action is similar and the
controls are the same, all that changes are the weapons you get to use and the location. The final end boss is the Overlord and he
takes a whole lot of killing - good luck!

The third instalment is:-
SHRAPNEL CITY where, back on earth, Duke faces up to his toughest assignment yet. His final beatdown is against the mega
powerful Cycloid Emperor (see below). This adversary is the leader of an alieb race who have mind control powers as well as
pretty large weapons. 

Finally the fourth game:-

THE BIRTH - this will put the movie Aliens into your mind. There are differences of course because this doesn't all take place on
a dark spaceship, before you get there you have to fight (and destroy) your way through numerous home-town businesses as well
as toasting a theme park

Movement is through the Arrow keys or the usual WASD, holding the Ctrl (left) to duck - you don't stay down unless you hold the
Ctrl (left) button as you move - the rolling wheel on your mouse will change the weapon you hold as long as you have more than one
weapon and the left button fires the weapon you are holding while the right button opens doors and activates various switches etc.

Each game offers the same Difficulties for you to choose from:
PIECE of CAKE - this is about my level. It is supposed to be easy but I can make any game hard if I try well enough.
LET'S ROCK - you would consider this Normal if you are a first-person fighting game player.
COME and GET SOME - these games are for the hard core player who knows what they are doing.
DAMN I'M GOOD - the title of this tells you all you need to know.


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