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Card game DUCKOMENTA Type: All duck or what?


Friedberg, 13 September 2013 - has recently become available at Pegasus Games "DUCKOMENTA kind." Two to five ducks friends compete in this card game to famous works of art DUCKOMNENTA-duck culture. Based on these issues the players will contest to five works of art from different periods. Each player takes on the role of a museum director. It already works of art bring ausliegender eras potentially more points if they are issued. Therefore better able to follow a pre-existing trend? Or a new set?

DUCKOMENTA type is a card game for 2-5 players. There are cards for 95 works of art from antiquity to modern times. Besides Duckburg supporters are also faster due to the low of 11.95 € EIAs lover, not addressed to complex card games. DUCKOMENTA type is only about 4 rounds, during each round, points are accumulated. The selection of a work of art as a trendsetter can be different every game. This new work by author Reiner Knizia based on his worldwide success Modern Art

Since 1986 there is the traveling exhibition DUCKOMENTA ® - this presents paintings and sculptures, which are modeled on famous works of art. However, people are replaced by ducks in the style of Donald Duck.


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