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The DROPFLEET COMMANDER 2 PLAYER STARTER SET from HAWK Wargames is an excellent way to get into science-fiction futristic space wars but you have to be prepared to put the work in.

The Rules Book is massive (224 pages full colour), filled with artwork, examples, ideas, assistance and it comes in it's own protective box to ensure that the pages don't get dog-eared, torn or folded when it is put back in the box with the game pieces after play.

This page is not an actual full review of the game, it is my first part of a series of hard looks at DROPFLEET COMMANDER. This page will be mainly photographs that I have taken along with my personal comments. For the majority of photographs my camera decided that a flash wasn't required, in fact there is just one that there was a flashlight on.

The DROPFLEET COMMANDER 2 PLAYER STARTER SET is compatible with DROPZONE COMMANDER'S buildings and ships but you do not need to own DROPZONE COMMANDER to play. Both games require a fair amount of assembly (plus you will almost certainly want to paint the miniatures) so these are not open the box and play games.

So here we go:

  Both games have 2-Player Starter Sets That cost around £65.00 (Dropfleet) and £53.00 (Dropzone)

 When assembling the Small Flight Stand you may need to scrape the edges of the inner spinner


There are two sizes of bases, Large and Small. Both are assembled in the same manner using the stickers

 New Orleans: Strike Carrier 

 Jalkart:a Frigate

 Lima: Frigate

 Toulon: Frigate

 Taipei: Frigate

 Taipei completed

When assembling the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind) ships, apart from the top guns (no these miniatures aren't in proportion with Tom Cruise, nor are they loaded with Cruise Missiles), all the pieces clip into place, and unless you want to keep them do not require glue. The guns will not remain in place no matter how hard you try, the male/female connections are neither long nor deep enough (yes I am aware of how that sounds so read into that what you will, but you know what I mean).

   The bases and height poles are removable, thus you can change your Fleet to suit the situation.

 There is a lot of detail which allows for exquisite painting or dry brush or inking.


Games can be played before any paint is added to the mix. The ships, which look pretty darned impressive, are not glued into their bases though the part where the pole fits into the miniature is glued onto the bottom of the figurine.

Personally I can only sit and assemble miniatures (or basically do anything) for a short time because of my disability. This is part of the reason I am publishing my thoughts and photos of this game in separate parts. Watch out for the next page, coming soon.

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