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On an ANDROID tablet this game looks tremendous. It is colourful with sharp, detailed backdrops and vehicles. But looks can be deceiving. Everything about this game, before you start playing, is just what you want. However once you begin playing all the hope dissipates into despair as the game fails to deliver. I really, honestly, wanted to enjoy TOP GEAR: DRIFT but I really, honestly, don't.

There are loads of cars and tracks with most races being against the timer. The idea is to drive as fast and as fluently as you possibly can taking the winding bends without necessarily closing down your speed. To do this you have to slide, or drift, the car so that it spirals through the turn with all four wheels seemingly going in different directions. To help you get through the skid-pan effect the road is marked with hashes that curve around the bend. To be successful the game requires you to keep the car within those hashes and of course keeping the car on the road at all times. Having said that there are occasions when your car might drift too far and go off-track but if you are quick and skillful enough you might be able to steer it back on course and also back into the game. But if you spend too long off-track that race ends for you - no problem just start again and this time do better. BY getting around the track you score points and you need a certain amount of points each race to proceed to the next race.

You can score points simply be just getting round the track, but by keeping the car within the yellow hash lines you get multipliers that will score you the points required. To continue onwards and deep into the game, going up levels, changing cars and locations etc you need to score a minimum number of points per race. After numerous failures due to the various pain-in-the-butt events the sparkle that there was (and only just a little at that) has gone. There is nothing within the game, no great play, no thrilling excitement, no gripping action, to draw you to the game. It is frustrating, the sounds are annoying and the game is frustrating. During the race one hiccup, one small error, and you might as well hit the restart button for you know the necessary points will have been lost.

The game has an unusual viewpoint as it isn't really an overhead view and nor is it a follow view like most race games. Not being able to see far enough ahead becomes more and more a pain, especially as there are hazards, such as rocks in the road, that kill your driving points, flip your car off-line and basically spoil what little fun the game has to offer. On a console where you have a controller, drifting round corners at speed could be exciting and a doable challenge. Finger and thumb flipping the flat screen of an Android Tablet doesn'ty give you the same satisfaction. Also because the screen is so small (my Tablet is an 8" HUDL 2) the game is too in your face to be able to enjoy it. 


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