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Plan of Attack are working with indie games publisher Versus Evil and developer Wyrmbyte on Dragons and Titans, a robust new entry in the F2P MOBA space. Launching on Steam on March 13th for PC and Mac, Dragons and Titans features a unique adventure mode and RPG elements that allow players to forge their own gameplay experience and level-up their Dragon. There will be three starter packs available for gamers to buy at launch which offer great value; Basic, Premium and Elite. 

The Basic Starter pack includes:-

·       2 Dragon Booster Packs

·       2 Weapon Booster Packs

·       Exclusive Avatar

·       7,500 Crystals

·       10 Epic War Marks

·       100 Potions

About Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans is a fast paced MOBA with RPG elements, where your champions are Dragons and a variety of game options gives you the choice on how to play. Show true courage and skill to become the ultimate Dragon Lord as you embark on your quest to free your Titan from captivity. Select from over 30 unique dragons and 30 legendary weapons, each with unique abilities and progression levels. Take your battle to the next level by upgrading your dragons as you gain experience and forging your weapons for additional power. Free your Titan in fierce 5v5 PvP battles across 3 different map types or delve deeper into the story in ‘Adventure Mode’, traveling across different regions in the Lands Below and unlocking exclusive Dragons as you complete each set of missions. Gain favor with the Titans and climb the PvP leaderboards to prove your true worth as the ultimate Dragon Lord!

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