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JUST CAUSE 2 is published by Square-Enix, Eidos, Avalanche and has the usual four levels
of challenging difficulties:- Hardcore (for the very very experienced), Experienced (for the hmmm!
experienced player), Normal (for the normal player - that's me out then) and Casual (for the player
who wants the best chance of survival - or who wears woolen tank-top cardigans).


Rico Rodriguez returns from the first game as the main character, this time aiming to overthrow the
evil dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay; he also has to track down and confront his former mentor, Tom
Sheldon. To do this he enlists the help of one of the local gangs - you are given a reasonable amount
of information about each gang and then you select the one you like the sound of by locating their
hideout and convincing them you are a mercenary who agrees with their mantra or cause.

Once you have the backing of a gang you lead them on missions, gaining their trust even more until
you can manouevre their assistance in your direction so you can complete your Agency Missions.


The game is full of fantastic action generally supplemented by pulsating music and sound effects, though
to begin with you find yourself weaponless except for your grappling hook (which will become your best
friend throughout the game). Your grappling hook can swing you high onto buildings, wizz you up trees,
pull enemies towards you before depositing them painfully on the ground, be used to demolish statues,
hook you onto a passing helicopter, save you from advancing enemies and to help you pull cars out of
ditches; it's a remarkable tool and one you could never survive without.


Sometime you get the most unusual lifts just in the nick of time.




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