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‘The Robbers Tool Kit’ DLC for Dollar Dash Now Available!

Leicester, UK – 5th June 2013.  Kalypso Media Digital, Ltd. is proud to announce that The Robbers Tool Kit, the second DLC for the fast and frenetic multiplayer game Dollar Dash, is now available to purchase on the PlayStation®Store for £1.49/€1.99, Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 160 Microsoft Points and Windows® PC for £1.49/€1.99. The Robbers Tool Kit offers a wealth of new crazy weapons and upgrades, accompanied by a number of different shop items that are instantly unlocked for you. To top it off there are two new maps per game mode providing yet more fresh and fast paced multiplayer mayhem.
The Robbers Tool Kit also unleashes two maps to challenge even the most seasoned Dollar Dash robbers! Find yourself stranded on a Container Ship, not only battling against your fellow robbers, but also fighting against the swaying ship as it travels through the unpredictable ocean waves. The Parking Lot offers a new and interactive environment. Move trollies to stop an incoming snow ball, or simply run around one to deny your opponents from robbing your hard earned dollars.
You’ll be blown away by the Cluster Bomb, Musket, Beer Cans or any of the other new weapons made available to you, not forgetting new customisation items like the Samurai’s Beard and the ‘Fu Man Chu’ found within the Tool-Kit. Are you excited? We know your fellow robbers are!
Developed by Candygun Games, Dollar Dash offers a huge amount of customisation and personalisation as players attack, defend, and outrun their fellow thieves with comedic tactics to achieve victory.
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