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As a great fan of FLUXX I have enjoyed the majority of the different theme decks. The themes sell Fluxx, of that there's no doubt, and in most cases Fluxx has represented the chosen theme excellently. I have played numerous games of Fluxx in all manner of themes, from the original game, through Holy Grail, Eco, Batman, Firefly and many others. I haven't managed to keep up with them all and have not seen Math, Chemistry or Monster but then I have played a lot of Looney games.
Of them all there have been very few I haven't gone overboard on and some I have. For example I recently heard some disparaging comments about Firefly Fluxx, mainly because so many people love Firefly and were looking forward to enjoying the quirkiness of the Fluxx rules mixed with the brilliance of Joss Whedon's show and film and were actually disappointed, mainly with the art, but also because the game didn't capture the atmosphere of the series. Personally I enjoy playing Firefly Fluxx and I think the artwork is actually very good as far as capturing the characters, if not the actors, likenesses are concerned. I mention this because anyone who doubts how good Firefly Fluxx is will definitely not feel the same over DOCTOR WHO FLUXX., it is excellent and truly representative of the broad spectrum of characters and items that have made Doctor Who such a unique franchise.


Here you will find really cool likenesses of all 12 Doctors, including Paul McGann who only had the one outing in a TV film special. No place for Peter Cushing who made mainstream movies in 1965 and 1966 which for me is good. I liked Peter Cushing as an actor but I was bitterly disappointed when the announcement of Doctor Who movies was made and found that instead of William Hartnell (or even Patrick Troughton) being called to the part, the film makers went for an international film star. There is no such disappointment in LOONEYLABS FLUXX: DOCTOR WHO. It is pure Doctor Who mashed with pure Fluxx.

Many of the interesting objects, the Sonic Screwdriver, the famous Scarf etc have made it into the game, plus there are Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis, Weeping Angels and words and phrases taken from within the series that aficionados of the Doctor Who genre will secretly enjoy. The Master makes an appearance as does K-9, Captain Jack Harkness and Jelly Babies, but where is Gallifrey ? (apart from being somewhere in Time And Relative Dimension In Space). You can omit so many things because this is a 100 card game and there have been 12 Doctors (on TV) plus several others in movies and other shows, but you cannot have Doctor Who without a sidekick, and so there are plenty of sidekicks, mostly girls, here. There are some notable exceptions: Susan, Vicki, Ian, Barbara, Polly, Jamie (like so many I remember Fraser Hines as the young Jamie to Patrick Troughton's second Doctor) but everyone has their favourite companion and of course they can't all appear in a single deck card game (unless it is a single deck card game based on Doctor Who's Companions - not sure that Companions of Doctor Who Fluxx would be as appreciated).


Filled with amusing and notable GOALS, ACTIONS, SURPRISES and NEW RULES etc along with KEEPERS and CREEPERS DOCTOR WHO FLUXX is a must for Fluxx collectors, Fluxx players and Doctor Who fans. It should bring more players to the game table and if the conversations and comments from new players is anything like it has been when we have played then I'd love to be a fly on the wall listening in. We had all manner of alien voices, numerous "Exterminates", superfluous jokes about what a Sonic Screwdriver can be used for, and a whole gamut of thoroughly amusing enjoyment. 

For Fluxx collectors here is the breakdown of 3 recent Fluxx games: Note. There may be a couple of discrepancies as I often add promo cards into decks as I receive them. Basically these 3 lists are just to let you see how some editions have different numbers of card types. All have the 1 Basic Rule card.
Cthulhu Fluxx: 1 Meta Rule. 3 Surprise. 4 UnGoals. 8 Creepers. 17 New Rules. 18 Action. 20 Keepers. 28 Goals.
Zombie Fluxx: 1 UnGoal. 15 Creepers.  17 Keepers. 22 Goals. 23 Action.  24 New Rules.
Doctor Who: 5 Surprise. 8 Creepers. 16 New Rules. 18 Actions. 25 Keepers. 27 Goals.


I have noticed that there are card types not in the Doctor Who Fluxx 100 cards, UnGoals and Meta Rules for example, which shows that LooneyLabs do not rely on a standard formula of card types and numbers. Obviously there has to be some fluency and consistency but there is obviously not a standard template and that to me shows how much that Andrew Looney takes time on each game theme design to ensure that not only is there a fine balance between card types but also that the game truly captures the Doctor Who mythos. 





Seek out Doctor Who Fluxx at your local game store where you should find it between £11.50 and £15.00

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