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DISTRICT 187 - Netmarble Developers


This is a SWAT v GANGSTERS 1st person shooter. It is a free online game and it is totally manic.
Players join (or start) games by visiting one of the servers - there are International plus North and
South American and European servers. Once you are on a server there will be a list of games available
and the number of players currently playing. You just find one to join - click on it and wait to be introduced -
and then you will be allocated to either the Blue Team ( S.W.A.T.) or the Red Gangster team.


You have a choice of weapons ranging from a scoped rifle to a handgun, knife or grenade. You can change
weapon by pressing "N" but as far as I understand you can only do this when you are at the intro area and
then it will only be ready after your next death - everyone dies and comes back regularly.

Death comes quickly and regularly so it's best just to run round, kill anyone you can from the other side and
always be ready to restart from the drop/starting area. When you kill or get killed there is a bright red blood
spatter which lasts just a second or two and is not at all horrendous.

To be perfectly honest this is really just a glorified game of Cowboys & Indians that we used to play as kids
firing cap guns and hitting each other with soft rubber tomahawks and felt tipped arrows. This is a game of
chaotic fun. It is wild, fast and over before you know it. You will get a Mission Failed or Mission Success
message flash up on the screen and then the game is over.

If you want a fun fast free game of mindless violence and headless strategies that you can drop in and out of
with relative ease then you won't find one any better than District 187. Uses STEAM to the best of its ability.


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