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There's a reason that DisneyLand is called "The Magic Kingdom" and that is because no matter what age you are, as long as you are old enough to understand and comprehend, so any age between 3 years old upwards then, the world created by Walt Disney originally and then all of the creative geniuses who have since followed his tradition, the moment you cross the threshold and take a step towards the Cinderella Castle the universe changes. Disney is bright and breezy, loud and bouncy, wondrous and colourful, and fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! But the most wonderful thing about Disneyland is ..... there is more than one. DMK is for Android as well as Windows systems and of course iOS.

As games go, this has something for everyone. Adventure, Building construction, Challenges, Keeping the populace happy while chasing away the nasties, and ridding the land of the evil curse. The problem with it is that there are times when whatever you want to do seems to take an age and a half; it gets just so slow and long winded at times. Other times it is pacy and deeply amusing and satisfying and just about all the fun you can handle.

It is downloadable as a free App, but like just about every other "free" App it comes complete with the necessity to make ingame purchases if you wish to play quicker and be fully successful. The difference from virtually every other App is that when you are getting requests for your hard earned dollar$ they are coming from delightfully adorable Disney characters, and that makes it just that little bit harder to refuse; spending cash on this App is as easy and expensive as spending cash in a real-life Disney park - it looks like it should all be free but it's not quite true.

Mickey Mouse meets you at the start and takes you along to see Merlin who proceeds to give you a whistlestop tour of the park and the game. It's easy to get the hang of what you are supposed to do, it's just doing it isn't always as easy as it seems it should be, which in turn makes the game more interesting and a lot more playable. The pix on this page show you just how Disney the game is but unfortunately they are ones I found on the internet as I am not clever enough to get screen grabs from my HUDL2 tablet.They do the job though and I'd like to thank whoever it was put these on (hopefully) free domain internet.

Much of DisneyLand is dark and gloomy, being eaten up by the dark and gloomy evil curse. You need to look for the yellow ! floating above a character's head and there is a quest waiting for you. Every quest you complete brings you closer to freeing up a new Disney character which can be from several Disney productions including Mickey's friends, Tangled, and Monsters Inc: As well as collecting characters you also need to collect Happiness which is often the currency required to complete a task and send evil spinning off in another direction.

This game hasn't been designed as a five-minute wonder or a 60 second ride through Space Mountain, it is built to give you lots of play time. As already noted though, some of that play time is also down time spent waiting for your latest project to complete. DMK is a game for players who like collector quests and solving puzzles. 

One thing I think that Disney have missed out on with this game is letting players enjoy a virtual experience on some of the wonderful rides that DisneyLand is famous for. Not everyone can afford to go to the actual parks in the USA or France so a game that could give its players virtual reality rides on some of those famous entertainments would be even more popular than one that just uses the Disney universe theme. As I said though, it's fun!

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