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The Viking-themed dice project funded six hours after launch and has continued to go from strength to strength. As a bonus, we've announced two stretch goals. And we do mean bonus - if you've backed at any named pledge level, you'll get one of each of these d6'sabsolutely free as they are unlocked. If you want more of the stretch goal dice you can buy them as add-ons. Each of the stretch goal dice has a different custom design.

The good news is that the first stretch goal is already unlocked, so you're guaranteed at least one bonus die!

If cool dice are your thing, check out the Kickstarter project!


Regular readers of TAG Talk, our monthly version of this newsletter, will undoubtedly have seen our Current Projects section, in which we discuss the state of development of active projects. For several months now there has been a mysterious "New Board Game" entry at the bottom of the graphic.

In the next issue of TAG Talk (released on 7th September) we'll finally be breaking our silence and talking openly about this exciting project.

TAG Fans!

Its with great excitement we announce our latest Kickstarter project! Our Viking Dice have just launched and we invite you to come and support the project.

This set of 7 polyhedral dice are designed to fit into any Viking or Norse game setting. They are also perfect for Savage Worlds and in particular Hellfrost. You can add on a specially designed wild die to perfectly augment the set for your Hellfrost games!

Head over to our project page for details and also to grab the EARLY BIRD pledge levels before they go!



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