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Having completed Diablo 3 on the PC some while ago I approached the XBox360 version with, dare I say it, trepidation.
I should not have worried though for the game has transferred to the console superbly, possibly better than superbly.


My memory of the starting video sequence from the PC version is poor, probably because I dived into the game as soon
as I could, but when the XBox360 console version started I couldn't remember any of it, and it was absolutely brilliant, in 
fact it was like watching a mini movie - this is so good it wouldn't be hard to imagine this becoming a full on animated
action adventure film.


After the start you get to create your character - you can make several characters, play them one at a time, and you can switch
difficulty level without having to restart the game from the beginning.

Speaking of the beginning, this was exactly how I remembered it, though the XBox controller made life so much easier than
the mouse/keyboard combo of the PC version. The (A) does most of the work with (B) (X) and (Y) used sparingly. The other
buttons have meaningful purposes but again irregularly, though the joysticks are used for movement, which, by the way, is a lot
smoother that the previous version. Blizzard have used the time between the games ensuring that everything is up to scratch.

Your choices of character are the same:
Barbarian - aggressive and good at dealing hard damage.
Demon Hunter - has dual forces of Hatred and Discipline. Hatred recovers more swiftly than Discipline.
Monk - powered by Spirit which is obtained through attacking and killing monsters. Can use weapons or just hands.
Witch Doctor - uses Spells that are more of the attack minded variety.
Wizard -  uses a mixture of passive and aggressive area affect and direct damage spells.

Each character can have their own banner - shape, style and colour - which you can modify once you earn it through the game play.
All characters, male and female also have unique voices and different background stories. I found the following list online on the  website.

Player Characters

Leading Cast


Additional Characters

The game is set 20 years after the Prime Evils were defeated and banished from Sanctuary. Your character (you) return to New Tristram
to investigate rumours of a Fallen Star, the omen that the world is about to end. The characters and locations are in excellent 3D rending.

You can get straight into the game playing solo or you can go online and find or host a game. Choices of conditions are Normal, Nightmare,
Hell or Inferno.

Game modes are Easy, Medium or Hard to begin with but there are others that unlock as you complete each mode. Thus you are truly
expected to want to play Diablo III over and over as it gets harder and more difficult. If you reach Level 10 in Normal mode you have the
opportunity to create a Hard  Core character who only has one life - die and your game is over. Good luck with that is what I say !

There is so much to search and explore and the world is fairly well rounded off for non linear play. You can find Lore Books in the Library
which may be of use to you in knowledge and assistance on your quests, but you can play without even going into the library, let's face it,
not too many Barbarians are likely to spend their time reading.

This is the third in the DIABLO series and is an exciting addition. I know that I finished the PC version very quickly and I didn't have the
time or inclination to repeat the same game with the difference being just a few more monsters and few less healing aids. I will say though
that once I started on the XBox360 version I was away with the fairies and back into the lalaland of demons and undead.

So yes, even if you have finished the PC version this is a game worth adding to your console collection.


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