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The most awaited game of the first half of this year was DIABLO III. 

To compliment this  amazingly well designed strategy adventure BRADYGAMES have published strategy guide and put it out for sale at a price that I cannot comprehend they can afford to and still make a profit.

To add to their fantastic signature series of gaming guides they have launched this 450 page full colour  guide (that’s 450 pages including the cover and all in colour) for just £14.99 ($23.99 Canadian  $21.99 USA).

DIABLO III is huge, make no bones about that. Indeed had it been produced by (almost) any other company than BLIZZARD (who continue to ensure that World of Warcraft is still the most played and best) then this would have been a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO), for with the amount of random content within the game it already isn’t far from it.

To make the game more accessible to all players the BRADYGAMES guide has gathered the 31 quests of the main campaign into four separate Acts. Each of these contains fully detailed maps and text of towns, areas, creatures and the populace.

This book has walkthroughs that will convey all you need to know, where to find the loot, any specialities of the monsters and, well just about everything except hold your hand and press the right buttons on the console controller.

The skills that each of the five characters  can gain as they level up through experience are delivered within the chapter of each in alphabetical order. At first this seems to be both a boon and a bane because the levels of each spell are not conditioned to the letter it begins with.

If you haven’t read this guide there is every chance that you will not realise that many of the monsters encountered are randomly drawn from the Monster Pool and thus they may be Normal (easily fought), Champion (tough opposition) or Rare (larger in size and named, as well as being the toughest to kill).   I cannot heap enough praise on this volume. It us extremely useful and necessary for an inept player like myself, but it will also open many secrets for even the most experienced player, and I still cannot believe there are 450 pages of colour for just £14.99.


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