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DESTINY (Bungie/Activision) is a wild adventurous ride in the future where players take on the role of characters who are Guardians of the Earth; Heroes with a City to save and very little hope of success.

To begin with you can pick which Race you wish to play a hero from - Humans (survivors of the collapse of humanity), Exo's (war machines built in the human image) or the Awoken (the remaining beings who fled Earth during the collapse and have now returned). It doesn't actually matter which Race you choose, as apart from physical appearance each is the same/as good as each other. Your selection will not impact or affect the gameplay in any way.  However of the three character classes available to you, Titan, Hunter and Warlock, you really do need to choose wisely as this does impact and affect the game and gameplay.


This is where the BRADYBOOKS signature series 400-page official guide book is an absolute necessity to ensuring you gain the most fun and entertainment, as well as success, from the game. There are two guide books available - the hard cover and the soft cover. The hard cover are usually limited editions and are likely to stay together longer than the soft cover version which are like giant paperbacks. Both of these editions are full of glossy full-colour screenshots and artwork, along with colour-coded sections on just about everything you will need to know about living Destiny to the full.

The different classes use different weapons and they also each have a variation on handgrenades they can use:- there are six grenades for each class, three for each of the subclass and all with different effects. Grenades are thrown in the direction you are facing and overtime your supply automatically refills. 
For the Titan Striker there are: Flashbang, Pulse & Lightning. The Titan Defender has Magnetic, Spike and Suppressor.
For the Hunter Gunslinger uses: Incendiary, Swarm & Tripmine. The Hunter Bladerunner has Flux, Skip and Arcbolt.
For the Warlock Voidwalker the three are: Vortex, Scatter and Axiom. The Warlock Sunsinger has available Solar, Firebolt and Fusion.
You really need prior knowledge of each class and sub-class and what their particular weapons are capable of and how to use them to their best abilities.

The first 80 pages of text in the Guide Book are the most important for you at the start of the game as these are the Field Manual pages and they cover all aspects of character choices and options.  Here you can also learn about the ability modifiers. Tier 1 and Tier 2 and Passives Tier 1 and Tier 2, the latter covering the Codex I, II, III, IV, V and VI. 

Each character, class and sub-class, is more than playable succesfully. What is missing from the game is the fun element found in many games of this genre; not that the destruction of the Earth and everyone on it is a laughing matter. A little light-humour on the side, the odd comment would lighten the mood a little, like in a Bruce Willis or Arnie movie, but in all honesty if I was personally in the situations my characters often find themselves in, I don't think I'd be doing much laughing - and I have an evil weird sense of humour (so I am told).

DESTINY is like a role-playing game and an MMO, but it is fact neither. It tries hard to be a Massively Multi-Player Online game but it isn't, even though you can play with/against other real people. You can play solo or invite friends to fight against the environment (PvE) or against friends who have chosen to be enemies (PvP). The future began bright, messages were sent through space and the Traveler (a planet sized sphere of goodness) arrived and was bountiful, and cities were built on Mars and Venus. But then the Darkness came, having trailed the Traveler, and the Earth fell into despair. The Traveler fell silent until it began to allow fragments of its light to be awakened, coming to the Earth like ghosts which awoke or revised a passion in humanity. The Guardians were formed to save the Earth. The players (in PvE) take on the role of Guardians, destined to become Legends. The storyline is brief, short and sharp and to the point. The game does all the talking and offers all the information you'll need as you progress. One of the first things you learn is that death comes quickly when you attack higher level adversaries. Dying outside of an Instance revives you at your last checkpoint, ready to go again. If you die in an Instance you have to re-enter it, though in fairness the majority of the creatures you killed before remain dead, though not all of them. Instances are for single or multi-player PvE games.


The BRADY GAMES GUIDE offers walkthroughs that are clearly written and illustrated with maps and screenshots. They not only tell you the basics for each Mission they also tell you where to find the various treasure chests. Chests can contain anything, especially armour and weapons, but they do each contain Glimmer. Glimmer is a necessary substance that is, in your case, a source of energy. You may find ammunition in chests but it is more likely you will collect this from enemies you kill. Your weapon auto-changes its empty magazines and you can only carry a limited amount of refills. Combat is violent and deadly and it is also non-relentent, so if the phone goes or you need the loo you are liable to return to a dead character. The Artificial Intelligence of the enemies is a bit hit and miss. If you are just in range to fire (and hit) at them but you are out of their range you can stay back and shoot them until they die - automatic weapons jump in your hands so not every shot connects with your target - short bursts are the best unless you have a sniper rifle and scope. However once you get into their range then they take on military style formations and will try to outflank you while others in their squad keeps you occupied with sporadic fire, nipping ack and forth from cover and firing unnervingly accurately.

Your health bar will drop as you take damage but if you can get out of sight so that you cannot be shot or hit, it quickly rises again bringing you back ready and fighting fit. In melee your attack is extremely violent, in fact you can easily kill with just one melee hit whereas you generally need to hit with several shots from a weapon. There are many instances (by this I mean times, not action dungeons) where a solo character will have a really tough time against a group of adversaries; playing with a friend or friends is more likely to guarantee success, or at the very least less character deaths.When flying solo against a group of bad guys you need to pick off the outsiders and not go immediately for the throat. If you dive in you will get swarmed and even with a nice 28" (or bigger) screen you cannot view all angles and the enemy are clever enough to come from where you cannot see. Then you get in a bit of a panic (at least I do) and start to spin around, lashing out wildly with your melee weapon, all while the group's leader continually fires at or evades (whatever their programming details) you.


This is a brilliant first person action adventure game set on a world so desolate and deadly against enemies that are frighteningly clever. If it has any faults it is that the action is relentless and often overshadows the telling of the story. Every Mission tends to require that you kill dozens (it feels like hundreds, even thousands) of the enemy. Even if the Mission is a fact finder or a collecting one there will be an inordinate amount of combat required for you to be successful.

Graphically this is a joy to behold and on the vocal and sound side the production is exceptional. Is it the best first person action game you will ever play ? That I cannot say, but I would guess that you haven't played any that are truly better, not even HALO, and we all know how wonderful a game and environment that is.


There is a download available for the first expansion to DESTINY. This is called the Dark Below. I haven't got this yet (at the time of writing) so what I am saying now is assumption based on the main game. If it is only 50% as good as DESTINY itself then The DARK BELOW is going to be something you will want to own very soon.


Final word. DESTINY is a huge game that is playable for many, many hours. It will exhaust you if you try to play for too long a peroid at a time, the action is too intense and frequent to allow you to take stock, have a coffee, visit the restroom etc without you coming back to find things have changed quite a lot since you were away. I do recommend it for insomniacs and gamers who love to fire big weapons and make lots of explosive noises happen in the enemies ranks.

Lastly - Do get a copy of the BradyBooks Signature Guide Book for Destiny. It is only £14.99 in the UK (possibly a little cheaper in "The Works" shops) and it is money so well spent you'll be emailing me and thanking me for the advice.

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