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Internet Connection Required: DESTINY 2 is a high powered, solid action, first person shooter, a game that puts you deep into the action from the off and rarely looks back or gives you time to rest. Created by Bungie, the team who gave us HALO as well as DESTINY (prequel to this), it is more of the same but served up on a Golden Platter rather than a China plate.

The mysterious Cabal (forces of the Red Legion) are invading Earth and the only chance of long term survival rests in your hands, well the hands of your character and his/her super efficient buddies. Playing as a Guardian your choice of character is Hunter, Titan or Warlock, and once decided you are almost immediately thrown into deadly battle against the horde of invading aliens. Nice additions from the original game are the new and shiny sub-classes for each character; of course if you prefer, you may import your character from DESTINY if you have grown an attachment towards it.

Games Workshop and others, but mainly Games Workshop, have put into the minds of game creators the idea that invaders from space, and indeed defenders of the Earth, should be dressed in bulky battle armour suits with lots of spikey bits and huge gun shaped (if not always bullet firing) weapons. I am not saying that GW originally created this mental image of a Space Soldier but it is their tabletop games and subsequent electronic versions that have inbred the way we envisage the futuristic warriors who wish to harm or save this (or any for that matter) Planet. So it is no surprise to see that the Cabal look, for the main, as if they had stepped straight out of a Games Workshop miniatures catalogue.

DESTINY 2 has a solo player Campaign mode and the ever-popular multi-player mode. I almost always review from the point of the solo game as my time availability for playing rarely matches those of others. However it is well worth mentioning that when you play DESTINY 2 in Multi-Player  mode you can choose to be cooperative and help each other through the tangle of Missions, Tasks, Quests and head-on weaponised melee or you can play non-cooperatively and compete against each other in arena style kill or be killed games. Considering the stories available in Multi-Player Mode I would prefer to play cooperatively, continuing onwards from the end of the main campaign goal through the labrynth of Quests involved in the brilliantly constructed, often involving puzzle solving, and visualised Strike Missions; most Quests involve lots of fighting with a Big Boss element to round them off in classic style so it's easier if you have a Fireteam of some sort alongside you. My understanding is that there are many of the regular team game options such as Hold the Fort, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag that can be quite hard core and deadly. As you progress so does your power which when combined with your fellow team members is used to determine the level of RAID you should undertake. RAIDS are another aspect of the game I have yet to enjoy but again are worthy of mention because not all players want to play the solo campaign mode.

Wikipedia has a good handle on the plots of both the Player versus the Environment and the Player versus other Players. I could paraphrase it or copy it verbatim but neither is my style, so my opinions on this page are based soley on my experiences of playing the game on the PS4 Pro. 

I play solo and enjoy the brilliance that unfolds on the large screen television in front of me. The sounds and effects prove that I need to add a surround sound system instead of relying on the stand-up column speaker or the TVs own system.

Play is fairly linear at first as you follow clues and dreams, and of course the battles, of which there are plenty, until you get to the point where the game releases you into the world, allowed to run free - ish! It begins with an assault on the command ship of the military emperor of the Cabal, one Dominus Ghaul, but it goes wrong when something set off by Ghaul prevents the power (light) from The Traveler (the city sized sphere that protected humanity in DESTINY) emanating outwards, and manages to use some of it against those it was protecting. Most of this is seen and heard in the excellent animated pre-game opening movie as your introduction, which as I said above only fills in a few of the information holes required if you are going to play DESTINY 2 with the storyline in your conscience. 


The overall basic plan of DESTINY 2 is to search the explored and unexplored Worlds within the Universe to find a supposed cache of secret weapons and equipment while locating the survivors from Ghaul's war and rounding them up to form a loose community capable of eventually fighting back. DESTINY 2 plays almost like an MMO as you build your character up in strength, power, level and equipment, completing special quests in order to (hopefully) find useful quality gear; just like an MMO you cannot always guarantee on the reward being what you wanted.

DESTINY 2 updates regularly, changing and adding for the betterment of the game, often introducing special weekly tasks, though my timing hasn't been good enough for me to catch up on any of these as yet.


With the option at the start of choosing your character class it is possibly a good idea to play each character for about half-hour, restarting the game for each, to give you an idea of their handling and how you feel about the differences between them. The subclass for the Hunter is the Arcstrider, for the Warlock it is Dawnblade and for the Titan it's the Striker, all of these are somewhat similar but different to those they have replaced from DESTINY. If you have played DESTINY you will know what I mean and if you haven't already played DESTINY then knowing the changes won't make any difference to you.


I always get a particular buzz out of playing DESTINY 2. I think it's because it is an exciting game that makes the hairs on the back of my neck tingle with the excitement of knowing in a few short moments after it starts I am going to be on the edge of my seat, adrenaline pumping and full-on action on the screen in front of me. I can continue to say how much fun it is, go on about the plot to prevent the Earth/Humanity spreading its wings, rave about the animation and sounds, but what I should be doing is moving away from the computer keyboard and playing DESTINY 2 on my PS4. Many game stores have demo machines setup inside where you can test out new games, so my best suggestion is that you should hotfoot it down to your local store and try it out for yourself, then I am pretty sure you will be looking to take a copy home with you. Like many reviewers I often use the well worn phrase "If you like this genre of game...." and that's because most games are aimed at particular types of players, so we say "If you like ..." fast action, 1st person shooters/adventures with hordes of hardcore enemies and big bad end of level bosses then this is a game you really should be spending time in front of.

At a cost of £33.00-£35.00 depending on where you purchase it from, DESTINY 2 is more than good value for money. Okay now it's time for me to do as I said and head on back into the other room where the PS4 sits in front of the television just waiting for me to fire it up, I suggest you go do the same now, though obviously in your own home, not here, as there isn't enough room, plus I only have one controller. 












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