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This is a PC game available on STEAM from Digital Tribes/Dirigo Games.

It is a Mindcraft style game of blocky graphics set mainly in the depths of a deep, dark Labyrinth, thus making it spooky because most of the time you cannot see what is going to attack you and the controls are such that it isn't always easy to strike back immediately as you get disoriented as you try to retaliate at speed.


I am totally confused by my addiction to it. I run it, play it for 10-15 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, seem to get nowhere, save and leave, saying to myself "that's it, never again" and yet I am drawn back to it time after time. I don't like it but I don't hate it, I am frustrated by it, yet it has an appeal I cannot fathom. Each time I enter I suppose I do get a little further before I make an error and find myself back on familiar territory having lost any advancement I made unless I can make my way back and save and leave, which is now my only way of playing it. 

As Theseus you are in the famed Labyrinth where the Minotaur reigns supreme. Unfortunately so do lots of other creatures, including a particularly evil kind of insect that attacks in swarms and you often only know are there when you start taking damage.

Like all good dungeon adventures you can find or buy equipment, healing and weapons and like most good labyrinths there is a Boss that demands respect and skill to defeat him. The Minotaur may announce itself with an often noisy approach, or a long. large shadow on a distant wall, but knowing it is there only makes your blood run faster, your heart beat pound, and your senses tingle.  

The game revolves around:

This is a Lovecraft style story in an ancient heroic setting. If it doesn't make a hero of you it will reduce you to a shivering wreck.


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