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DEPTHS of FEAR: KNOSSOS is a first-person action game set back in ancient times where beasts and demons rules man's fears and dreams. As the son of Poseidon, Theseus, your ultimate career move is to slay the mighty Minotaur who resides deep in the ever-changing dungeons and tunnels under the lands rules by the evil (or at least not very nice) King Minos.

Armed with nothing you have to find your way into the labyrinth and quickly find a shield and weapon otherwise the first monsters to arrive on the scene will see you as easy meat - and they'd be right. 

The dungeons are randomly generated as you play so each time you die and restart once you enter the Labyrinth there is no correct path to follow, at least not one that you know from previous visits. On your way to the Minotaur you will pass through several fairly different and distinct areas, each with its own minions and "end of level" boss. If you are armed you can generally defeat the minions but the bosses are not easy nuts to crack. 

During your explorations you will find coins that allow you to buy items from the ingame shop and you will need to be fully armed, healed and ready for each boss, let alone the Minotaur.


The combat is basically point and click, and click etc. It isn't particularly good but for some reason that I can't explain properly - is it the atmosphere or the speed ? I really don't know - it is addictive, it is also deadly.

Half of your problem is that you make a noise when you move, and this carries throughout the Labyrinth and tells the monsters, especially the boss monster, where you are. The other half of your problem is that you have to move.

Depths of Fear: Knossos is a game that I really want to get on with - and I keep playing and playing it - but that I personally cannot get on with. No matter what I do or try I end up dead and having to restart, and that isn't fun.


I am not blaming the game for my personal uselessness in it, but having played hundreds of action and adventure games I consider myself reasonably experienced, but certainly not a master (I leave that distinction to my children, all over 30 and far better at dexterity games than I am). But my experience in playing action and adventure games doesn't mean zip in Knossos, I simply cannot get into it as I would like to.

Graphically, what you can see with your flaming torch looks impressive - though as it should be, the majority of the Labyrinth is pitch black until your torch lights it up. The atmosphere is very good, especially when you see the shadows of monsters or bosses and have to judge where they are and then react accordingly. You can run away if you are clever and careful - though of course running will make additonal noise - and you can hide - if you get out of the light and gide behind a wall the boss, more than the minions, can be watched going past your hiding placeare The creatures in the tombs do not work on any mechanical loops. They aren't particularly clever, but they are always aggressive and relentless once they have caught up with you.

Every dark corner is a potential ally or adversary. You may find a chest or container in which there is something to aid distract or attack you. It isn't uncommon to gain projectile weapons, swords, shields or books from searching these corners, but you may also disturb minions or make enough noise to attract the boss. You can tell from my description how attarctive the game sounds, yet for some reason I just cannot get very far into it - I think I have seen the Minotaur, just the once, - at least the shadow looked like that of a minotaur, but I was dead within seconds, in fact I have encountered some of the bosses but never yet defeated one of them. I think my reactions are just too slow. This makes me frustrated with myself and then angry with the game because of my own failings, but still I keep playing because it is so addictive and I enjoy the ancient theme.

The best way to know if KNOSSOS is your type of game is to ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you enjoy epic tales of ancient times ?
2. Are you au fait with Theseus and Minas ?
3. Do you like adventures where survival is as important as the main objective ?
4. Are you a quitter if things aren't going your way ?

If your answers are Yes, Yes, Yes and No then this game is for you.


Found Online: An Official View
Depths of Fear - Knossos
, like Athena from Zeus, sprang forth from the mind of the musically trained animator/programmer Philip Wiley. From his passion he has crafted a fun-focused first person adventure game with stealth, action and edge-of-your-seat elements within rogue-like procedurally generated levels.  
In Depths of Fear :: Knossos your ultimate goal is to slay the mighty Minotaur. Loot procedurally generated labyrinths that are never the same twice to acquire the gold and knowledge necessary to build an arsenal and gain favor with the gods who will grant you temporary powers. Overcome insurmountable odds as you bolt in and out of the shadows fending off both lowly and legendary creatures such as the Hydra, Cerberus, Medusa and Centaur. To succeed in your quest you must collect the special medallions from each immortal beasts’ lair that combine to unlock a master sword that is the Minotaur’s only weakness. You will run. You will hide. You will fight. You will die.

Inspired by the imagery and feel of classic Ray Harryhausen Greek epics and Edith Hamilton's Mythology as well as the synthesized soundtracks of John Carpenter, Wiley created the Depths of Fear experience:

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