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New Sacred Claw Party Dungeon Added in Latest Dekaron Update

Ancient evil lurks deep in the Dravice Forest, who will venture forth?
Luxembourg, 03.04.2012 – The latest update for Dekaron is soon to arrive and will introduce players to Sacred Claw, an ancient laboratory corrupted by evil deep in the Dravice Forest. This new party dungeon dares players to face a stronghold of Prime Evils for the rewards hidden inside.

New Dungeon – Sacred Claw

On Binaelle Fairie’s journey to uncover the rumors surrounding the remnants of Karon, the Lord of the Abyss, she discovered the forgotten Sacred Claw laboratory. Once a resting place for the claw of the ancient Gold Dragon and built to draw sap from a Holy Tree, the Sacred Claw laboratory fell victim to the evil that corrupted the forest. Now it is home to the Prime Evils of Karbis.

This new party dungeon has been designed to put even hardcore players to the test, requiring a minimum of 3 players to work together against the Foreman King Digger, Laboratory Director Verdia and Edward the Conjurer. If players survive the onslaught the rewards on offer are a host of new accessories available to lv. 175 characters: unique Dragonic Necklaces can be crafted and will provide supreme powers passed down from the legendary Gold Dragon.

More Updates

The update will also introduce new improvements, including;

2nd Trans-UP

-          Two new powerful skills have been added for each class along with 2nd Transformation

Item Branding System

-          Up to three additional brand options can be added to further enhance character abilities

Skill Balancing Patch

-          The skills of each character have been adjusted to improve the games balance

Shop Restructuring

-          Dekaron’s New Shop now offers more convenience and improved functions

Players can discover the ancient lore hidden deep within the laboratory, craft powerful new items and defeat menacing foes by entering the Sacred Claw in the latest update of the free-to-play MMO Dekaron.

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