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is an expansion for the super deck-building game LEGENDARY MARVEL from Upper Deck. It contains 100 cards that can instantly be introduced into the game which add 5 Heroes, 2 Masterminds (Evil Deadpool and Macho Gomez ) 2 more Villain groups and 4 new schemes. 

Anyone who has seen the Deadpool movie will definitely appreciate the dark humour of the cards. Of course the comic books contain sarcastic witticisms but it is the portrayal of the character by Ryan Reynolds that has presented and introduced the otherwise somewhat lesser-known Deadpool to the general public and peaked the interest of games players. The version of the DEADPOOL character in this card game expansion is as funny as he can be, and is till very amusing without resulting to the straight up crudeness of the comics and movie versions. In fact the first time or so that you play LEGENDARY using the DEADPOOL expansion you are going to spend more time reading the cards for their commentary than for their effect in the game. 


The second Mastermind character for players to control is Macho Gomez, once said to be "the baddest, most feared operator in the galaxy" although his encounters with DEADPOOL proved to be mainly fruitless and unsuccessful the majority of the time. Matching him here against the evil Deadpool is quite a brilliantly thought forward twist for the game. Gomez's specific Tactics cards all affect the "Bounty on Your Head" which is his Master Strike Action and the Tactics are cards that are played in front of characters to affect their abilities one way(good) or the other (evil). When played to their best effect these cards can be very advantageous.

Of course the Evil Deadpool is the star Mastermind of the set, in fact, at least in my opinion, I think for many players he is going to be the star Mastermind of the entire LEGENDARY game. If not actually the "star Mastermind", for some he is liable to be the most amusing. Take the SCHEMES from this expansion for example, they are so well titled that they bring immediate fun to minds with deep imaginations. "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe", "Everybody Hates Deadpool" and "Deadpool Wants A Chimichanga" conjure wonderful visions and memories from the movie because they are so well associated with the DP character. But the fourth new scheme, "Deadpool Writes a Scheme" is the most amusing as it creates much of the chaos and havoc most associated with Deadpool.


Many of the card Titles and illustrations are bound to amuse; The Deadpool Kid, for instance, brings a smile on both counts; it is an amusing title and the artwork is of a classic old-school Wild West pose. Then we find the Stingray card "String of the Stingray's Sting"; I love the way the writer has strung the string of stings together. Of course no tales or games featuring Deadpool can forever omit HYDRA, the terrorist organisation, and their Agent Bob, so naturally Bob occurs on several of the HYDRA cards amongst this 100 card deck. "Good Old Bob!" 

Naturally players expect more than just a couple of new Heroes and some very amusing cards in a Deadpool expansion and thus, despite only a very small glossy paper insert with typical Deadpool comic interaction, there are also some new mechanics for playing of the game; Excessive Violence, Revenge and Split Personalities being the main ones. "Split" or "1/2" points are those that halve some of their recruit and attack points with them being added together as usual though the excess half isn't used. Excessive Violence - Spending an attack point more than required when fighting a villain gives you a bonus. "Revenge" - Some Mastermind and Villain cards have "Revenge for..." on them, such as "Revenge for Deadpool's 'Friends.'" This means that they will get an extra attack for each villain of that type in the current player's victory pile.

The Deadpool expansion just keeps on giving, and thus also introduces a new faction, "Mercs for Money": mainly comprising of Deadpool, Slapstick, Solo and the aforementioned Stingray plus 2 new Villain groups: Deadpool's "Friends" (Blind Al and Deuce, Taskmaster, Weasel, Sluggo) and "Evil Deadpool Corpse" (D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L., Ultimate Deadpool, The Deadpool Kid, Wolverinepool).

The DEADPOOL expansion is only a minor addition to the LEGENDARY game when you compare its card count to other expansions, like the two boxes for SECRET WARS or the CIVIL WAR set, but it is a major expansion for all lovers of almost everything (don't expect to find a unicorn) DEADPOOL. It is for both collectors and players of all things Marvel Legendary. Priced at around £15.00 it fits neatly into the complete Legendary Marvel game and plays well with others; unlike the Deadpool of the comics and movie. It is both fun and chaos in a single box!


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