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It's been a while since our last update, and now is the time to finally reveal what our team have been working on. We have a very exciting couple of months ahead of us, starting with this week's patch, the up coming pathfinding update, and announcement of our second free expansion pack - read on for details.

Steam Patch #19  As we are doing final polishing on the long awaited Pathfinding update and working on our new expansion pack, we've decided to take some time to put together another great patch - addressing most issues brought up by our community.

To start things off we are happy to introduce the Dragons Breath - a horse-drawn flame throwing unit that will devastate your enemies.
This patch also deals with various hacks and exploits, making the game fairer for all. In addition, we've introduced some player requested changes to PvP protection, and so much more.

Patch Highlights

  • Dragons Breath siege weapon added to Market
  • Exploit Fix: Duplicating Units
  • Exploit Fix: Memory Cheating
  • Exploit Fix: Resources and Crown accumulation via Macros
  • Added daily limit for exchanging Gold for Crowns (50)
  • Reduced unit self-healing
  • Exploit Fix: Memory Cheating
  • Exploit Fix: Macross
  • Exploit Fix: Duplicating Units
  • Both players will be able to loot on exit after coop victory
  • Players cannot reset skills during PvP or CoOp missions.
  • When paying off attacker on worldmap - player only gets 10 minutes PvP protection
  • PvP protection for defending player is now 1 hour + the length of battle time
  • PvP protection for attacking player is now the length of battle time
  • Fixed issue with Dragons being trampled by Cavalry

Full patch notes can be found here



New Units

Beyond the next patch we're looking to introduce several new powerful units,some of which will be the equal of the mighty Royal Dragon.
Other units are planned but we're keeping them under wraps for now but stay tuned for a full preview of the first unit to be added in the coming weeks.


sneak peak


We're also working on our next expansion - which will introduce awesome spells, amazing spell-casting units, and variety of new buildings and techs.
This expansion will be out later this year although a final date will only be revealed closer to release. We are planning to follow up with a full announcement later this month.

Website Update

We will soon be updating layout of our website and forums, adding in a few changes and updates. Keep an eye out for the re-vamped website later this week.

How Dedicated Are You? - Competition

With our Community Manager HillZone having hit over 1000 hours in-game on Steam, he's decided to run another competition to see how dedicated our players are.
All you need to do is post a screenshot showing your in-game hours, along with what category you are entering in - Beginner, Intermediate or Hardcore .
You can find more details here. The winner will be announced August 22nd.

Make Your Own Contest

Do you have an idea for a contest? Let us know and your idea could be the next contest we run.
You can find more details here.

Say Hello!

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Players can also contact the development team through our forums and our Steam group





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