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The forces of Heaven and Hell are in dire combat and humanity has been exterminated. The collaborations of angels and demons known as  the Four Horsemen, Strife, Fury, War and Death were then given unimaginable powers by the Charred Council to restore balance by killing off the remaining Nephilim, their kin. Death traps their fallen souls in an amulet.

War is then charged for war crimes (bit ironic that) and captured. Death is sure that his brother has been set up and is innocent of the charges and sets out to rescue War, against the Charred Council’s orders. You control Death.

To aid him on his journey Death has a blue glowing Raven called Dust and a spectral mount (only of use in open areas for faster movement) named Despair. He also has available (or collects en route) an assortment of weapons though his primary pairing of twin-scythes are usually a match for any foe.

Death can jump and climb Assassin’s Creed style, running along walls and leaping high to grab overhead handholds etc.

A lot of the adventure part of the game is discovering how to get from one scene to the next. The map shows where you are and, to a point where you want to be, but the route needs locating as it isn’t always as straightforward as you would expect.

You have Health and Wrath bars that show your current status and you can collect items that will aid you, mostly left behind by the creatures you kill. I do find it amusing that you need to return Life points to Death.

The game is then a series of quests and challenges but it is not totally linear. Of course it is also mainly a combat game and the action is, as they say, fast and furious. Death can be defeated but is brought back when his life points are gone immediately to just before the point of, well death I guess.

DARKSIDERS II (by THQ) follows naturally from Darksiders and it leaves with a distinct opening for another sequel. Sometimes you may be frustrated by such an obviously contrived ending, but such is the entertainment and satisfaction value of Darksiders II that by the end of this full on action adventure your frustration is that you haven’t Darksiders III ready and waiting.


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