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We are positively overjoyed to announce that the fifth Dark Blood character choice, the Thief, has arrived! This little lady may look cute and harmless, but letting your guard down around her means certain death! You can log in RIGHT NOW and create your own Thief to try out or play as your new main character.

In addition to this new class, maintenance on Wednesday, December 12th included a long list of changes which can be checked here. Log in now, create a Thief, and see what this new, exciting character has to offer in Dark Blood!

Are you looking for a guild but just don't know where to start? Trying to expand your existing guild but having trouble doing so? We have the solution! Guildpolooza is going to be an awesome way to get out and meet recruiting guilds or pick up some prospective players. Guild representatives and inquiring players will meet in Elwood Center for a meet-and-greet on November 2nd and 5th, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm PDT/PST. You're sure to finally find that perfect guild to have an active role in, or fill up that guild roster with new, eager players!

Guild leaders should sign up in this thread so other players can get a first look at your guild.  Check the Guildpolooza entry on the event calendar here

Big news for the world of Dark Blood: Battle Pets are coming to the game, and soon! These little critters start out as just an egg, and must accumulate EXP and level just like your characters. The egg hatches into a pet and the mature pets have unique abilities that will help you defeat monsters inside dungeons.

Which pet do you want? Check out the Dark Blood Facebook page where we are revealing a new pet every day until they are released on the target date of Thursday, October 25th. Keep checking back for more info and get ready to take care of your very own Battle Pet in Dark Blood!

It's here! A patch that makes lesser patches run and cower. The mega patch has been released to Dark Blood! This update includes a lot of new stuff and some fixes to ensure the best Dark Blood experience possible. Here are just some of the changes:

Due to the rebalance of so many abilities, we also reset the skills for all characters on Dark Blood; this does not include Life Skills though, so don't be alarmed! Be sure to check out the full patch list here to see everything that was added, changed and fixed. Then log in and continue enjoying the exciting gameplay of Dark Blood!

There is also a promotion going on for this weekend: Any purchase made in the Dark Blood Premium Store enters you into a drawing to win 35,000 SparkCash!  Just buy anything before 11:59pm on Sunday, October 14th to be automatically entered. Checkhere for more info. Now is the perfect time to buy!

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