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Hey Everyone,

I just finished editing the draft for my next novel Dragon Gods Rising (a third name change). I would love to get some readers to check it out and comment back to me on what you like and want more of. Currently the book sits close to around 85K words. If you want to read it, send me an NDA to . I will send you the first draft in sections. 

I am currently running a blog with all kinds of stuff including new articles up on the web. You can find it by looking for Mental Spark Blog. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is where I have posted the most. I plan to keep pumping out new content and articles there.

If you run a blog, website or podcast, I would be happy to be your guest on a show. Please contact me.

The novel will be done soon and then I will move to Salamanders of House Draax the first supplement for Anointed: Mantle of the Gods. This will have a lot of cool new NPCs, Plot Hooks for GMs and even how to play Salamanders as PCs. 

Talk to you guys soon,


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